Should You Go to Therapy? (by Maribel Avalos Ocampo)

While working with clients in the community that are involved in counseling I started to develop and see how some people would see one another. One day as I rode up the elevator to the counseling center I would see how people would look at the other people that had gotten off on the floor to go into the office. People would just stare at them all weird and funny. In my mind they were judging the person or perhaps thinking hmmm I wonder what this nut is going in for? This brings me up to my question of what society has to say about counseling. Many people in society will say counseling is for crazy people which is a really debatable question and brings me to the response that anyone can benefit from counseling. I mean every person has issues in their life or perhaps their not one hundred percent content with their life. I know that I’m not. So this brings me to the article of “Heres Why Everyone (Even Happy People) Can Benefit From Therapy”. This article is begins to talk about how there are people that seek counseling due to a mental illness or personal issues but it also states that even people who are happy can also benefit from counseling. People go to counseling because they want to be the best possible versions of themselves or try and work through things they want to address. It also allows people to achieve their own personal goals, learn self-control, gain knowledge, and work hard to deal with their issues.

The article then goes on to talk about why you should talk with a therapist rather than a friend or family member because yes even though your family wants the best for you their opinions are not going to be unbiased. With a therapist you are a whole stranger to them and they reserve judgement and will guide and not tell you what to do. People also have this mentality that people, friends, or family are going to go around judging them if they’re going to therapy but if they really care about your happiness they will let you do what’s best for your happiness. Therapy is a really great tool we have to us because it helps people open their eyes and see clearly on the things that are affecting life and how they can make positive changes to their life. Therapy isn’t necessarily meant to make a “fixed” person it just means that you are working towards a better version of yourself.

The main point is that therapy is for everyone having a good or bad time in their life and people should take an earlier approach to address issues they would like to fix instead of bottling everything up and letting things turn into a bigger obstacle because many people wait and let it all pile up until they can’t take no more. I know there was a point in my life where I didn’t want to talk with anyone about my feelings and I kept everything to myself. I was just damaging myself and my wellbeing physically and emotionally. It was until I hit my breaking point one day that I could not take anymore and I just exploded on the person. I knew then that I had to talk with someone because I did not only do damage to myself but also the pother person because I was not happy and had mixed emotions flying left and right. Therapy was a huge relief and a way out for me to work on myself and have a clear perspective on what I wanted and needed in my life. I just want to society to recognize that therapy can be a beneficial tool for everyone and we shouldn’t go around saying that it’s only for people who are crazy because it’s not the case at all. An example of this would be about my dad; he would always go and criticize people that were involved in therapy and would say “yeah because it’s for crazies”, but he didn’t say that when it came to himself. When the death of a close family member occurred depression and other symptoms hit him hard and he wanted to talk with someone. In the end he said therapy helped him open up and release all the mixed emotions he was feeling. The thing is that there will always be people out in society that will judge you and criticize you and society just needs to send the right message and encourage one another to attend therapy because it is a good tool to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time or you simply want to have someone to talk with you can get a list of counseling therapists in your area on There are also many agencies around the community that you can donate or volunteer with some places are Lifeworks NW, Morrison Child & Family Services, or Cascadia Behavioral Health. All of these websites have online web submissions to get involved or to get more information about the services they have to offer. I will attach the link for anyone interested in more information.

Places to get involved:


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  1. Rachel Viera

    Hi Maribel! This is a great post illustrating the benefits of therapy. You made a good point in how even people who are not suffering from mental illness can benefit from it. It’s unfortunate how there is still such a negative stigma against therapy and those who use it. It’s 2016, for Pete’s sake!
    You did a good job in your writing by being relatable with your personal stories. It really engages the reader. I would have liked to read more personal anecdotes about your community work too. Good Job!

  2. Jasmine Pham

    Hi Maribel. I absolutely love the topic you chose to write about. The benefits of therapy are often over looked and I am so happy to see more people getting involved in fixing this issue. You did a great job tying in the personal story about your father to support your claim about how beneficial therapy can be, and how realizing its benefits can change a person’s negative mindset on it. The way you wrote this passage in such a colloquial manner made the blog post easier to relate to for the average audience.

    One thing I think you could work more on is your grammar. Often times, while reading your passage, I would get lost on what you are trying to convey to the reader because the way the sentences were worded. I struggle a lot with grammar as well, and a trick I’ve learned is to read your writing out loud to yourself and see if you stumble on any part. Those stumbles are where the phrase gets awkward in wording. Good job though!

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