The Lost Wilderness (by Paige McOmie)

“Conservation is a state of harmony between man and land.” – Aldo Leopold


Nature is such a beautiful thing. The bright shades of green in the grass and trees. The shades of red and orange within the red rocks in the mountains. Wherever you live in the world, you can experience the beautiful colors and experiences that nature has to offer. I’ve lived in Oregon and in Arizona. Two very different climates and landscapes. Oregon has tons of beautiful green trees, sandy beaches, mountains and desserts. It’s one reason I love Oregon so much because it has such a vast display of landscapes. Arizona is a dessert. The color tones are much more muted as opposed to the vivid colors of Oregon. The dessert and mountains of Arizona provide a beautiful landscape of red and orange rocks. Wherever you are city, dessert, mountains, forests or fields you can always find the beauty within the nature surrounding you.

But, the growing population is causing us to lose the the beauty within nature. The forests are being cutdown and green spaces are shrinking. People are leading busier lives then ever before and with the draws of technology. The desire to experience nature decreases. People are spending more time tied to wifi and the internet instead of going out to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Which means a lot of the land within the urban growth boundaries are being turned into new high rise buildings and housing.

Nobody is taking care of or fighting to keep the land. Land that makes Oregon what it is. A state full of evergreen trees, sandy beaches and snowy mountains. If we don’t take the time to take care and fight for the land then we are gonna just become another overpopulated state. The other component of keeping the beauty and grandeur of this state is to take care of the forest, beaches and mountains. This ensures that the land that we fight to keep around for generations to come.

You can do this by not leaving garbage, cutting down trees and leaving little impact to the forest and nature perserves. You can join cleanup crews to keep the trails clear and clean. Groups that tidy up the beaches; such as SOLV. But even you can do your part by picking up trash you see left on the beaches or trails while your hiking or enjoying the beach. These small acts add up and can help keep the nature landscape around for years to come.



  1. Vicki Lee

    Your piece brought me back to when I was a kid. I remember not having a care in the world and was outside from morning to night. We only came home to eat and check in with our parents. I feel your piece is an emotional touching just of how you described Oregon and all the offers our beautiful state has to offer. It is pretty sad how we rely so much now on technology and you are right so many people miss out on the perks of your great state.
    I would recommend in your last paragraph you mentioned about getting involved with SOLV, would just to explain a little more about this program and was of being able to help out. Also just a few spelling errors, but other then that your piece was great. Good Job!!!

  2. Vicki Lee

    Great read….. I love how you put a picture in my head of how Oregon really is. It brought me back to when I was a younger growing up when we didn’t have a care in the world. We would be outside playing from morning to night and only came home for food and to check in with our parents. Now you are right we rely to much on technology and we are missing out. We need to take advantage of this beautiful state. I felt your piece was emotional and touching in many ways.
    I would just recommend on your piece you mentioned in the last paragraph about SOLV. I would just give a little more details of what exactly this program is and what you can do to get more involved. You had a few errors but other then them your piece was good.
    Good Job.

  3. Your blog entry has a nice introduction, as it reminds the reader why it is so important to take care of the environment. The natural beauty around us is something we often take for granted in Oregon, and I feel like if people were to visit other states (or towns), who don’t have that then they might be a little more careful. Perhaps schools could have field trips where they show children why it is so important to take care of their waste properly. Field trips don’t always have to be beautiful or comforting, since learning is always an attractive thing!
    I also like how you bring up technology, since I feel that being tied to a phone screen with music blasting in your ears means that you sometimes miss out on hearing and seeing what the environment has to offer. Where I live I often hear birds singing right outside my window and it is far more comforting than the sound of music, though, I also enjoy that. The digital world feels like it’s taking over our lives… And I really don’t think that’s any sort of exaggeration!
    I would also say that mentioning some volunteer opportunities and specifically more about SOLV would have been beneficial. It is good that you mention it though, as people can probably look up the information quite easily. I also missed out on discussing very much of my volunteer experience, which was a really big mistake on my part. I really should have started with that part first!
    You did a great job making the reader care about your cause!

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