When will fellow Oregonians help stop deforestation in this green state we call home? (by Andi Esguerra)

dougfirjpg-5555927a863cd0e7Growing up in Oregon has given me a great appreciation for nature. The best time of the year is fall when the leaves on the trees around me turn into a burnt orange flame as they float effortlessly to the ground, loudly crunching beneath the weight of my foot. My love for trees and their beauty consume me, but I became saddened learning that not everyone appreciates them as much as I do. I joined Friends of Trees this term to plant trees knowing that I would one day make the site a visual paradise for future observers. What I didn’t realize what that I would soon become passionate about planting these trees to also help with deforestation in the only way I felt capable. Trees bring beauty into this world, but they also bring us life. They produce oxygen, increase the value of our properties, clean our environment and are also home to many living creatures. When will people start to care? When will fellow Oregonians help stop deforestation in this green state we call home?


#1 Davis, Rob. Deforestation a problem in Oregon despite replanting, analysis says. Newspaper            Souce: Web. 06 Mar. 2016. http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2015/09/oregon_lost_500000_acres_of_fo.html. This article touches on the topic of deforestation in Oregon. Many people are aware of deforestation going on in the rainforest and other Asian and European countries, but very little about what is going on in our neck of the woods. Oregon has past a law saying that if timber companies are going to clear cut, they must replant afterwards. Now there are an estimated 522,000 acres of forest that have disappeared since 2000. Even though they thought passing a law to replace and replant everything you cut down, the trees aren’t growing fast enough with the amount of clear cutting going on in mainly Western Oregon. I think this article touches on the issue of deforestation and that it is not just happening thousands of miles away from us, and it is important to know what is going on.


#2 Fernande, Erik, Talberth, John. “Deforestation, Oregon Style” Analysis Watch Report: Web. Sept. 2015. 06 Mar. 2016. http://media.oregonlive.com/environment_impact/other/Deforestation%20Oregon%20Style%209-14.pdfThis study goes with the first article about deforestation and goes in depth on the current issues of deforestation in Oregon. The report goes into talking about the 4 leading reasons for deforestation: overcutting, conversion of natural forests to industrial tree plantations, loss of forestlands, and loss of long-term productivity. They also go in to talk about Reforms of Oregon’s Forest Practices Act, which touches on the consequences of deforestation like pollution and climate stability.

#3 Bodman, Susannah L. “From climate change to deforestation, humans just keep trying to  push the plant’s boundaries — science roundup (video, photos, links). Newspaper                      Source: Web. 05 Mar. 2016. http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2015/01/science_roundup_jan_25.htmlThis is a great article to read when trying to educate yourself on the effects of deforestation. I chose this article for that reason, it has a lot of great information on how cutting these trees downis killing our Earth. One of the biggest reasons to stop deforestation is because deforestation affects climate change. When cutting down these trees we are increasing the amount of CO2 in the air we breath which is why temperatures are rising. It also affects almost every aspect of making Earth livable.

How to Get Involved

Deforestation is a very complex problem and can really only be stopped through the help of people coming together and voicing their opinions. We need to come together and tell corporations that we don’t want them destroying our planet, no more clear cutting! We can help in Oregon by planting trees as one way to begin our journey to save our planet. You can volunteer with Friends of Trees to plant or donate money to fund the trees we will be planting. Other major conflicts in deforestation today is the Amazon Rainforest. You can go to member.greenpeace.org/action/start/224 to sign the petition to try to show the Brazilian Congress that we do care.



  1. Erica Bella

    Hi Andi, I loved your intro! You were able to paint a picture in my mind, nice job. This is an important topic and it is sad that more people aren’t aware of it. I appreciate you were able to include some of the research, but I would have liked to hear more from you. Especially after your great introduction to the piece. The numbers from your first article are astonishing, very helpful to your plea. It was a really good idea to add that trees produce oxygen, I know everyone learns that in school but I wonder if they all remember…and how important that is. I’m totally on your side with this topic, I also have volunteered with Friends of Trees and will be again next month. It’s awesome and hopefully is able to raise the awareness needed. Thanks for the reading!

  2. Ethan Crisi

    First off I really liked your introduction, it hooks on your readers very well. Great use of imagery! I can tell you are very passionate about your topic and thought about your arguments. While you are very passionate about your topic I would have liked to have read some more information. I feel like you could have expressed more of your ideas while supporting them with statistical facts. I did really liked your ideas to getting involved, which is so important with this topic! Overall good job expressing your opinions, just would have made it a little longer. Nice job!


  3. Kaitlyn Lehman

    First of all, I love your blog post! This is a great project to be involved in. People don’t take the time to appreciate all of the trees and plants around until they slowly start to diminish. I think that planting trees to build the forests back up again is a great cause and will help in many ways including providing homes for wildlife and producing much needed fresh air. Second, I love the picture you paint with your words about the fall leave. The imagery is truly beautiful.

    Your section about getting involved is awesome! I actually recently signed a petition about stopping deforestation happening around the Crater Lake area and I feel that more people should take the time to get involved. Signing a petition takes only moments of a person’s time and I think that it’s great that you provide the link to do that. Great blog post!

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