Give a second chance at life: Think Adoption First! (by Kristen Garrison)

pit-bull-246206_960_720Why is adoption so important?

Statistics show that an average of seven million pets that pass through American shelter each year and a large number of those animals are euthanized due to the pets age, color, temperament, breed, or lack of funds and space.

With so many pets in shelters needing homes, Why think adoption at your local shelter first?

Adoption gives a pets a second chance at life and can provide a rewarding experience you too. Also by choosing your local shelter for adoption, you can free up space for another pet to be adopted and give that pet a chance of a new life too. Potentially saving more than just one animal over time.

So you heard that pets are in the shelter for something wrong with them?
Pets get lost and never found, owners find themselves in difficult situations and are forced to give up their beloved pet or similar situations that leave pets homeless. Most pets in shelters are older and past the “destructive” phase of their lives. Shelter pets are examined by veterinarians, vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Thus saving hundreds of dollars in vet bills and expenses for you.

Over the years I have become a huge advocate for the adoption and rescue of all types of animals. Pet adoption is a great rewarding experience for someone looking to get a pet. Not only are you potentially saving an animals life but improving your life as well. Animal shelters offer a variety of pets to choose from and come in all ages, sizes and breeds to help you choose the perfect fit for you or your family.

Adoption Stories:

“The failed foster parent”
Ghostly was a stray, found running along a busy freeway. The shelter was unable to find accommodations to keep

him. The rescue group I was working with took Ghostly in to prevent him being euthanized. He was only a year old, full of energy and spunk. I took him in as a foster dog until he find a forever home. He was so smart, trained and walked great on a leash. I ended up falling in love with him, becoming what I call a “failed foster parent” and officially adopted him. He was so well trained he went on to become a canine good citizen and visited hospital patients spreading his love to people who needed it most.

“Hunter the cat”
Hunter was an older cat, about six years old, wandering the streets alone and cold. His life was changed by a good

Samaritan who brought him to a shelter. His owners were never found and he was adopted to a new family that gave him the live he deserved. Hunter became a cherished friend to two young girls and their parents.

How to get involved:
Pet adoption is available almost everywhere and with the internet it has become that much easier to find adoptable pets

across the nation. For those looking to adopt a pet, organizations like ( work with adoption groups and animal shelters to picture adoptable pets and even give a bio about them. If you are unable to adopt a pet the Oregon Humane Society (http:/ and Bonnie Hayes animal shelter (http:// have plenty of volunteer programs that help with the care and adoption of homeless pets. Or if you are considering getting a pet but are not sure about the commitment of owning a pet. Rescue groups always need temporary foster homes for all sorts of pets.


Northrop Cobb, Kirstyn. “Less Adoptable? I Don’t Think So! – Petfinder.” Petfinder. 13 Mar. 2014. Web. https://

This article was about an avid pit bull rescue volunteer named Kirstyn Northrop-Cobb. Over the years Kirstyn has decaded her life to the rescue and protection of the pit bull dog breed. In the article she shared an adoption story of a black pit bull that had treatable skin issues. The dog had a great temperament but was deemed un-adoptable because of her slight treatable imperfection. Kirstyn shares her joys of fostering, rescuing, and how saving an animals life can be so rewarding.

“Ten Reasons to Adopt a Pet.” RSS. 9 July 2015. Web. top_reasons_adopt.html?referrer=

This is a very informative list of the benefits of adopting shelter pets. I thought this was a great list because it had a comical aspect to it but was still very informational, a great read. This article also talks about the Shelter Pet Project a web cite that is nation wide and helps people find the perfect adoptable pet in your area. The shelter Pet Project also has wonderful uplifting adoption stories from people who have rescued pets with the help of their cite.

“Why Adopt? Adoption vs. Pet Store.” North Shore Animal League America. 2015. Web. expert-advice/adoption/articles/why-adopt.html?referrer= expert-advice/adoption/articles/why-adopt.html

The North Shore Animal League saves millions of pets lives each year through adoption and rescue and have become the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue organization. In this article the people at The North Shore Animal League have answered questions about the benefits of rescuing v.s. buying pets from stores. The article states that most people who buy pets from

stores are unknowingly purchasing mass produced puppies and kittens from farms and mills.


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