The Kindness Framework (by Patty Hines)

kindness-620 copyPlease read Patty’s work here:




  1. Patty, I will miss hearing and reading your thoughts, It has been such a treat every week. You subject, kindness in connection to how business set up their shop and landscaping, is blowing my mind. I didn’t even think those two ideas had anything to do with one another. I have saved your work, and will share it with some of my friends that own and operate small businesses. I will also use them in how I set up my home, and yard.

    I hope to some day have time to walk around this great city again, sans small children and really pay attention to how shops have things set up. I am always so busy keeping my kids from the road that I haven’t ever noticed. I wonder if this idea would also increase revenue ?

    Ruth Ingebrand

  2. phines2015

    That makes me so happy!! I believe it does increase revenue because it makes people stop and notice what they might have just walked by and builds good will others. Thank you Ruth.

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