Softball: A Ladder to Success (by Cody Hart)


cody.hart-IMG_20140928_141246Why don’t more young girls play softball? I have coached softball for 3 years now and that’s the only question I ask myself. I get up and go to these games and coach girls in a competitive atmosphere and I wonder why more girls don’t play this sport. In my writing class I was tasked with doing community work, good thing for me is I already coach competitive softball. Since I started treating it like community work I have had a different perspective on the matter. I’ve been able to learn how much patience is needed to coach this sport and the level of understanding you have to have. These girls go out and compete on and even playing field and not only get to have fun playing a great sport, but they get to build character and team comradery. So I have been wondering why don’t more girls play softball and experience all these great things. I read a report by Amanda Scarborough when I started my community work that softball can teach girls how to experience failure playing a sport but taking that failure, learn from it and then apply what you’ve learned to help you win. These are learning skills that a person could take into the adult world and use them to succeed. I hope that I can show you as a reader that this sport can help women grow like any other and that young girls should grow up playing and learning from softball.What the Research Says

  • “7 Great Reasons for Girls to Play Softball.” Softball. Web. 2 June 2015.”

This website not only gives us a list of great reasons for girls and especially young girls to play softball it shows us perspective on how it can how it can help them throughout their lives. You can learn how to deal with diversity and how to set goals for yourself and to strive to go out and get them. It also explains how it promotes a healthy lifestyle for these girls. Playing softball you are constantly active whether it’s playing in a game, practicing with your teammates, or in general practicing running bases by yourself. Another thing is softball helps these girls with their self-esteem, and how to build up others self-esteem by giving them a compliment or letting them know that they did a great job.

  • “Reasons You Should Encourage Your Daughter to Play Softball.” Softball Is for Girls. 7 Mar. 2012. Web. 2 June 2015.”

This article does a phenomenal job at showing a parents point of view on the matter. It explains that softball is one of the few sports that combines both personal growth and team growth together. When you are playing a game and you have to go up to bat, there is nobody that can help you, it is you versus the pitcher. If you win that battle then you have a tremendous sense of pride, on the other hand if you lose that battle its ok too because that’s where the personal learning and growth takes place. Then when you are out in the field and you are trying to get an out with your teammates, a whole mess of things have to go right for you to get and out. That’s where teamwork and team growth will take place, and it helps you learn how to be around other people and build them up as players and as people.

How to Get Involved

Softball is a wonderful sport to get involved with and it can help teach our young girls ways to be successful and the tools and attitude you need to get there. I encourage all to get involved in helping out girls who need a sport to play or need to be involved in a community and thrive in a competitive environment. I coach for the Oregon Thunder, it’s a big softball organization in Oregon. We have over 8 teams in our organization and that’s just with us. If you want to do some volunteer work then wherever you are if you have a girl in softball, then ask the coaches how you can help get involved. You can volunteer and softball tournaments, dragging and prepping fields for the girls to play. There are so many opportunities out there to support this great sport and to help out these girls towards a brighter and more manageable future.


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