Upload Your Knowledge (by Logan McClure, 11936)


How can under-served communities be given opportunities to build the computer and electronics skills necessary to be successful in the future?

Working in and researching the world of virtual volunteering has helped me gain a valuable understanding for the importance of both volunteering and technology.  With a tightly packed schedule and busy life it was hard for me to find time to physically volunteer in my community.  Virtual volunteering was the perfect solution for time management and honing in on my strengths as a digital artist.Virtual volunteering provides many outlets for a wide variety of proffessions.  A large portion of the world is falling further and further behind the developed nations in terms of technology.  In order to advance into the future as one global community we must take it upon ourselves to reach out to these under-served communities.

If there is not a public realization of this underdeveloped and neglected population we all risk jeopardizing the progress of our world.  The knowledge of computer skills and familiarity with electronics is of vital importance to career opportunities for individuals everywhere.    In every child there is a possibility for greatness to blossom.  With adequate training and support there is no telling what child may become the next Einstein or Gates.  Both education and infrastructure must be improved in order to grant the appropriate tools to grow skills.  Approximately 4.4 billion people in the world live without access to the internet, which dramatically limits the international network of shared knowledge. (2)  Everything from learning to program or code, to storing and tracing family lineage can be achieved with access to computers, internet, and training.

How to Get Involved

After researching virtual volunteering opportunities and technology out reach propositions I have found a number of organizations that are on the forefront of this issue.  KIRUCODO in partnership with Maendeleo Foundation is a prime example –  This organization and project was designed to provide solar powered laptops are to undeveloped regions of Uganda.  More and more organizations are building easy navigation websites to help fast-track the placement of your volunteer work.  These three websites are excellent options with tasks that can be suited to many different skill sets:

For general and detailed information on the world of virtual volunteering Service Leader is a great place to start.

How to Get Informed: Works Cited

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  1. Feedback:
    Great work Logan!

    I would suggest lengthening the paper and definitely talking about your own personal experience volunteering more! We want to know what you did, how you did it, for how long and so on. It also gives you more credibility if you do that and only supports your claim further. I really like the topic you picked and how you drew us in at the beginning of your blog by basically stating that this is the problem, here are the reasons why and this is why we need to fix it. I thought that was very nicely done and it made me want to read more!

    In truth, I was very saddened by the fact there was not more to read because I was really interested in your topic and your writing was very clear and concise. I definitely liked how well put it was and even though it was short, you had a well constructed message that got the audience interested. I also thought that your “how to get involved” section was very nice because it too was concise and it also gave us multiple options on how to help. Overall you did a great job and had excellent writing!

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