Stop, Think, Protect and Have a Heart: Don’t Bully (by Arianna Nyswonger)


My community theme was advocating to stop bullying. I have been advocating since I was in high school. I was bullied severely for years and because of this, I want to help end bullying. So for my research question, I asked “What are the physical and mental/psychological effects that bullying causes?”. I chose this because my public writing is a Facebook page called Hearts of the Bullied that I have created, ran and owned since April 15, 2013. It’s main purpose is to give support to victims as well as get information out there on bullying itself, and this is a big part of advocating. It is one of the major things that we try to teach and is probably one of the parts of advocating that continues to grow in information because, even advocating this long, I learned a lot of new things through my research. One of the biggest things I learned is how it effects the adulthood of children who are bullied. I knew that it effects them, but I didn’t know to what extent. Bullying effects everything about the victims life for their entire life, so let’s make a change. Let’s stop and think before bullying, protect those who are bullied, and have a heart- don’t bully.

The Research Collection

Caravita, Simona C.S, Gianluca Gini, Tiziana Pozzoli. “Main and Moderate Effects of Moral Cognition and Status on Bullying and Defending.” Aggressive Behavior 38 (2012): 456- 468. Online.

This academic article is about how bullying can effect the mental and physical health of children who are bullied, who defend the bully victims, and the bullies themselves. It shows through a series of studies how morality plays a part in defending and bullying. This is significant to my theme because this can be a big factor in how their health is and why they either are bullies or why those who aren’t bullied/bullies defend the innocent. It also talks about how status in peer-groups also contributes to how children socialize with other children and whether they bully or not.

This is a big conversation in the Anti-bully community. A major part of the reason why children bully their peers is because the peers they are with constantly are contributing to their judgment, they have a low self-esteem, they themselves were bullied and feel like its the only way to not be bullied or they feel like they have to get back at them. Whether or not the bullies were bullied or are around peers who are bullied, a big part of it is based on the morality of the child.

Aluede, Oyaziwo, Fajoju Adeleke, Don Omoike, Justina Afen-Akpaida. “A Review of the Extent, Nature, Characteristics and Effects of Bullying Behaviour in Schools.” Journal of Instructional Psychology 35.2: 151-158. Online.

This academic article is talking about the effects of bullying in schools. It talks about who bullying effects and how it affects them. It goes into depth about how bullying is not just an isolated behavior, who is more likely to be targeted, what the mental and physical effects of bullying on the victim and the bully, and the long term effects of bullying.

This is something that, as an advocate, I continue to learn about. It is something that is focused on widely in my community theme. It brings up the physical and mental effects on victims that continue into adulthood. Such as, the feeling of isolation and loss of self-esteem. It also tells of what the effects of bullying can do to the bully. Such as, being unable to create or keep friendships, they are usually anti-social adults and bullying can sometimes be what starts them on the path to criminal activities and crimes. This is the information that we put out often to show how bullying effects both sides.

McNamee, David. “What are the adult health consequences of childhood bullying?.” Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 25 Sep. 2014. Web. 23 Nov. 2014. <>

This Periodical is talking about how bullying can effect the victims in adult hood. Such as, how victims in adulthood can be in poor physical and mental health, can have a low income, can have low self-esteem, can be unemployed, can have less education and can have worse cognitive functioning than adults who weren’t bullied as a child. It also talks about how bullying contributes to suicidal idealizations in children and adults. Bullying is long lasting and forever effects those who have been bullied.

This article really captures how bullying effects children in the long run. This is a major topic that advocates try to teach children and adults so that it helps stop it from happening. It is the biggest part of my theme that I am working on, the long last effects on those children who have been bullied.

The Public Writing

Link for Hearts For The Bullied:



  1. Lee Hill

    Hi Arianna,

    Thank you so much for posting a link to your facebook page! Not sure if there was a post that was specifically linked to the culminating project? However, your page is filled with positive, informative and heart warming posts. Thank you so much for having the courage to post a youtube video about your own story. Its a story that is inspiring and i am sure it will help many people, to heal and move forward.

    Please keep up the good work, I wish you every success. It is my hope that Hearts for the Bullied continues to grow and reach those that really need help. I’ve never been bullied, but i have had my own battles to fight. I know that talking about it, and connecting with others was a really important step in my own healing, and the fact that you are taking your experiences and creating something positive for others is a testament to your resolve, valor, and perseverance.

    I wish you every success in college and your future endeavors!


  2. Madeleine

    Hey Arianna,

    I love how you have taken your experiences being bullied and turned them into a helpful, beautiful, and encouraging facebook page! I love your resilience! Thank you for starting that page, and I hope it continues to impact many people!

    Your research collection was very good and I’m glad you still learned a lot through it! All 3 articles you chose had a lot of good information in them! Good work!

    Have a lovely break!

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