Education Versus Learning Styles (by Alisha Witham)


alishapicMany children these days are struggling to understand the things that they are learning in school. Is this because they are bored or is this because they simply do not understand and cannot focus on the way they are being taught. Is it their home life that is affecting them? How do different learning methods affect different children? I don’t know about you, but when I was in school a lot of the teachers used the auditory and visual learning styles. What about the students that learn from doing, better known as the kinesthetic learners? While some students may simply be bored, that is not the case for a big portion of students. Most students do not understand what they are learning because they cannot keep up with what they are hearing and seeing, they need more than that. There are so many different learning styles and if teachers would mix up the styles when they’re learning I think that the dropout rate would dramatically drop.

Research Collection 1

Research Question: How do different learning methods affect different children?

  • This site explains how to identify your child’s learning strengths. It states how parents should be observing and evaluating their child when they’re about 6-7 years old and that children tend to not show all of their learning styles until middle school. Then it talks about how parents/teachers should play to the child’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Lastly, it talks about increasing awareness in schools and simply talking to your child about the way they learn.
  • This site will be helpful for me because it’s almost like an interview. They are getting personal with a few stories and shows that they are really trying to make children feel comfortable with the ways that they learn. I think that if I search webMD a little more I can also find a lot more information about this topic.
  • This explains several different types of learning styles and explains how sometimes someone can use more than just one learning style. It also has a learning style test that you can use on your child to better help and understand what works best for them.
  • I find this extremely helpful because most people have only heard of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles, however, this one has many, many more styles that I think would be helpful to any parent/teacher.

Diversity, Learning Style and Culture by Pat Burke Guild

  • This article was about talks about the culture and family background also having to do with the learning style of a child. It talks about how someone knows, thinks, decides, etc. It also discusses nurture vs. nature, which is a psychology term related to whether heredity or the environment most impacts human psychological development.
  • I found this to be helpful because it gives you more of an insight to what and where the child may be coming from and the background to the way they may learn. It was helpful how this article was broken down into sections. I really enjoyed the quote in the beginning, which states, “Without an understanding of the unique meanings existing for the individual, the problems of helping him effectively are almost insurmountable.”   –Arthur Combs. To me this says you cannot help someone if you do not know where they come from. You have to pay attention and really get to know someone if you wish to help.

The Public Writing

Children are raised by parents that are there and loving, while other children grow up in a bad situation of a family. This could range from not enough money, alcoholism, drug abusing parents/siblings, etc. However, not one family is perfect. My story, however, starts with a normal, kind, and loving family who soon faces struggles.

My life began as a normal middle-class American family. My mother was a stay at home mother and my father worked every day to support us all. My father believed that the woman should stay at home and raise the children. Little did he know, one day she would become tired of staying at home and being treated like she was unequal. Whatever he said had to be done, right then and there. She secretly began smoking cigarettes behind his back, only for him to find out and react badly. He soon began to drink.

As the years passed he became a severe alcoholic and she had become lost in her life. They remained married for the sake of their four children. Abuse went on for years and years. Eventually we moved in with my sick grandfather and my mother slowly disappeared. She would spend more and more of her time with her dying father. My father began to feel abandoned and began drinking more and more. Who was left with the children? That would be me. My older brother moved out and began a life of his own with his wife and children. All alone, there I was, 14 years old with two younger brothers who were the ages four and two.

With our parents slowly disappearing I had to grow up and learn responsibility. I had to become the mother of the household. I had to teach my four year old brother, Zachary, everything a four year old should know. In the beginning I was very sad to not have my parents there. The only time they came home was to cook us food and go to bed. When I had to teach my brother things it made me feel very proud that I had taught him something. He actually started to understand and catch on to what I was trying to teach him. Four short years ago our parents decided to split ways and divorce. They remarried just a few short months after their divorce was finalized. They have both drastically changed and both became better people.

After everything I had been through in my life, I made the decision that I wanted to teach children. I wanted to be there for the children who needed the love and compassion some kids lacked at home. I want children to be able to look up to me as my younger brothers did. I want to see that spark go off in children and see them be proud of themselves for learning something, whether it be a color/shape or reading a word. I want to teach!



  1. cathy stevens

    I really enjoyed the story you told and how it shows that even living through hard times we can still get somewhere in life. I think that this will show others that even when you think you will get nowhere we can still make a difference. Lots of people say well this is how my life is and so I can’t do anything about it. For me this is the strongest part of your paper. Great job.

    • alisha

      thank you for your reply. I just strongly feel like people think that because of the way they grow up, it instantly means that’s how they are and there is nothing they can do about it, because that is not true! Only you can change your future.

  2. Hi!

    Oh man, I loved this! I loved that you made your post a personal story, it helps a lot! I think that by doing this you open up to the reader and make them feel more comfortable and trusting. Reading your story made me excited to see what kind of research you had done and made me want to learn more myself! I think this is an inspiring story that many people can relate to in many different ways. It also can be applied to different things, making the audience even more likely to be moved by this story.

    I also loved your research! It made sense to me and I felt like I learned something new. I like the way that your research and your post go together but they are separate. They compliment each other instead of just sounding like a research paper in blog form. Amazing job! Good luck with teaching ❤

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