Healthy Kids Starting Healthy Habits at Home (by Tina Parkvold)


tina.parkvold-FamilyMy name is Tina Parkvold. I have been volunteering with a family to help them improve their health during the summer by making some healthier choices and making those choices healthier habits.

The Research


“Obesity: How Can We Help Our Kids?” Harvard Medical School Commentaries on Health. N.p.: Harvard Health Publications, 2014. Credo Reference. 2 July 2014. Web. 13 Aug. 2014. <;.


This article cites some statistics and gives six points on how to improve health and to make healthy relationships with food.


It was interesting to see the statistics. There are so many changes that can take place these were directly associated to obesity. If someone searched just this document and made only these changes, I believe that it would produce positive results.




“Healthy eating, healthy kids.” Harvard Health Commentaries.  Nov 7, 2006 pNA.

Full Text:COPYRIGHT 2006 Copyright by President and Fellows of Harvard College. Web 13 Aug. 2014


This article from Harvard Health Commentaries was an easy read with some daily suggestions, not just guidelines for healthy eating.


This article is a quick read with some great suggestions. Anyone could use this as a check list for healthy habits and could create a menu from the suggestions.




“Let’s Move.” !, n.d. Web. 13 Aug. 2014


This article has an entire plan and plenty of resources to begin and sustain a healthy lifestyle for kids.


This article is the epitome of my research journey in one location. This resource is all-inclusive to the majority of families. If a family, neighborhood, school or community needed a starting point, this would suffice. Further, it speaks to a national audience with programs to enroll in that can result in nationwide recognition of your accomplishments.



The Public Writing

Mrs. Hennelly, Principal

CFT Elementary


Dear Mrs. Hennelly:

Over the summer I have been volunteering to help my family improve health. The initiative is to help kidsmake healthy choices and practice healthy habits to make healthier future families. During my volunteer time, I have found that, while the children are not obese, they struggle with making healthy food choices every day. I have also found that keeping them on track with food choices and activity is a time intensive task. The family started out by adding an additional vegetable each day for one week. The second week a fresh fruit was added every day in addition to the vegetable added in the first week. A daily walk was added in the third week in addition to any outside playtime at the pool or park or just playing outside. Other activities were not outwardly restricted such as computer or television time as to not bring a negative feeling toward the added activity. Instead the activity was scheduled during an obvious down time such as before or after a meal time, usually lunch. In the fourth week, arts and crafts were added as well as an added 15 minutes of reading. The rest of the summer will be focused on maintaining these healthy habits.

Last week I was introduced to the website. This is an in-depth program that was initiated by first lady Michelle Obama. I have spent hours reviewing the links and saving and printing the forms to implement into my final weeks of my volunteer service.

Why are healthy kids so important? During my volunteer service I have been dealing with everyday eating and exercising, disease causing two car accidents and accidental death in our family. I have been repeatedly asking myself why health is so important that we as a society, and specifically me volunteering with the Parkvold family spend so much time planning, preparing, scheduling and implementing healthy habits for our children.

I found and answer in an article in the White House Newsroom quoting Mrs. Obama. “The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake,” said Mrs. Obama.  “This isn’t the kind of problem that can be solved overnight, but with everyone working together, it can be solved.  So, let’s move.” 

Statistics have shown that the number of obese children in America have increased exponentially over the past several years. Quite frankly and in not such nice words, no one wants to be the fat kid. I don’t want my kids to be the fat kid in a group.

There are many resources out there. has an incredible step-by-step program that can be used in families, neighborhoods, schools and communities.

The Parkvold family has ?11 children, 7 that still live at home. None of the children are obese. They all enjoy movement of some sort, from sports to gym time to outside play. Still, over the past several weeks, they have increased their fresh fruit and vegetable intake. They have moved more. They have spent more time in meditation and quiet time. I didn’t reduce their weight or increase their speed, but I think I started some healthy habits.

One of the articles I read states, “Remember that healthy habits started in childhood are more likely to be followed throughout life. “

While the school has already begun a nutrition initiative, I implore you to attempt to implement more movement either in school or an initiative in the community to further support the first lady’s Let’s Move program.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me for a meeting to brainstorm on implementation.


Tina Parkvold


An Additional Resource 

Obesity: How Can We Help Our Kids



One comment

  1. Tina,

    I absolutely love this blog and once I had read your title I knew I wanted to read it. Being healthy especially for kids is such a HUGE thing that it seems not very many others don’t seem to care much about, especially the way that technology has outgrown what activities kids used to do.

    My husband is in the military so you can say that he definitely keeps up with his healthy (working out more than eating), we also have a two year old daughter. Since she was able to eat we have fed her nothing but organics, fruits, veggies, brown rice. She has eaten chicken nuggets once from BK (which was probably just two months ago), she has never had juice, she has milk for dinner and breakfast and drinks water all day (and loves it). I think that starting them out young and introducing them to healthy foods they are less likely to stray towards unhealthy things. It is funny because just this morning I was at Ihop with my husband’s family and his sister ordered two sprites for his kids (it was 9am). Yes 9 o’clock and she was giving her kids soda? She is one that doesn’t care what her kids eat or drink. They will drink 4 cans of soda a day or juice, even her two year old, they never eat fruits or veggies and only eat mac and cheese, chips, candy, and frozen chicken nuggets because that’s all they want or they eat McDonald’s all the time. To top it off they never go play, they sit in front of the TV and watch television and play video games.

    My husband calls me snotty because if my daughter goes over there to hang out or to be watched I pack a lunch because I don’t want her eating what they eat. I guess in a way yeah you can call me snotty but I care more about my daughters health than someones opinion or feelings. I am a Beachbody coach so I make a living off of being healthy and helping other people find that step to being healthy and continuing that process for themselves and their family. I love how this family didn’t just change up their routine and overwhelm their children, but instead started out with one extra fruit the first week and by the fourth week they added arts or crafts. Arts and crafts is just as good as being healthy because it is a healthy mind and soul, you are having fun. Having all online classes I am stuck in front of my computer 24/7 and I have to remember to close the laptop and go do something, especially with my daughter because she wants to spend time outside all day everyday if I let her.

    I love that you added an article on the statistics of obesity among the kids in this century and how much of an increase there have been. I can totally agree with you, I don’t want my child to be “the fat kid.” I feel that letting your kid become (not due to any medical issues) that way is also hurting themselves emotionally because we all know that bullying is such a huge issue. Not being healthy can lead too much bigger issues, so why not be healthy and continue to be healthy. One reason I try to stay super healthy is because my grandfather died from smoking, and my father passed away from stomach cancer, so I fear it could happen to me. I workout everyday, half an hour a day, and my daughter is right there working out with me!

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