Do People Need Animals? (by Courtney Arnaz)

Question: Do people need animals?

I am a full time student; I have a very heavy work laud with kids, family, friends, and a full time job. I could not even find the time to breathe let alone take time out of my busy life to volunteer. I have always wanted to volunteer but like everything else I just thought that I did not have the time. When being forced to volunteer I was very excited but also nervous about not getting everything done that I use to be doing. I decide to take my chance and volunteered anyways.

I love animals, so I thought that the local animal shelter was the perfect place to volunteer. Three months later; I could not be happier with my decision. Not alone did volunteer teach me to give back but it also taught me to do the things that really matter. Life is not about being upset because you didn’t meet some quota at work. I learned what really makes me happy that is my kids, family, and pets. So that thought brought me to my next question: How important are animals to people? Do we need animals?

Question: Do people need animals?

Nothing makes me happier than coming home after a long day and being greeted by my pets. They are always so happy to see me. I could have had the hardest day at work but all is forgotten when I’m snuggled up to my beloved basset hound. I have had many pets all my life and that got me thinking where would I be without animals? People need people to live and survive but do people need animals?

I know that a lot of people eat meat and that is there sources of food but other than food could people not live with bats, fish, butterflies, and worms. But what about a man best friend? Dog have a special chemistry with humans that can go back as far as tens of thousands of years ago. We all know that dogs came from wolfs but how did we get that wild dog out of the cold and on to our sofas today? The story goes that some hunters and gatherers with a soft spot for cuteness found some wolf puppies and adopted them. Over time, the wolf became a little tamer and also showed man there great powers at hunting and protecting that the humans could let them go. Humans kept them around the campfire until they evolved into the dogs. If that is true I don’t know, no one knows but I do know that the dog has done wonders for us human society.

At Goldsmiths College did a study with dogs. This study showed that more dogs will approach someone who is upset or feeling distress than someone who is not. What that means is that dogs are empathetic and are eager to help comfort humans in pain. I have been very upset about a loss in the family or heartache and before anyone else was there to comfort me; my dog was already in my lap or on my bed. People get busy and sometimes forget what is happening around them let alone what’s going on in someone you care about life. My dog was able to help me out of some deep depression. In fact day-to-day depression, or even more serious chronic depression, is easier to handle with the love of a dog. Simple by having a dog around can make is easier to deal with. Studies show that knowing that even at our worst, somebody loves us unconditionally and is eager to see us happy again; we are a reason to get better.

Dog have been known to help humans stay health, dogs can help detect cancer. Because dogs have an incredible sense of smell, dog have shown anywhere from accuracy when detecting lung cancer in a nearby patient. That is amazing to me, all just from a smell. That sense of smell can do even more; dog can detect low blood sugar. Dog will either alert the person that the sugar has dropped or, if a diabetic attack has already occurred. The dog will bark an attempt to alert somebody to come help in attempted to save the diabetic’s life. Another study has shown certain dogs are able to warn seizure patients that they are going to experience a seizure. Sometimes even hours before the attack happen. Nobody yet knows how they can tell an attack is going to hit, and only certain dogs are able to do it. They also cannot be trained to do it.

Dog are great for kids. A recent study has shown that babies and children with kids are healthier than those without a dog. The babies and kids with dogs have fewer coughs, runny noses, and ear infections. Researchers believe this is because dogs will track in dirt, mud and other germ-infested bits of earth thereby boosting the child’s immune system. Having a pet dog can also help prevent Eczema in kids. Studies have shown that children under the age of one that live with a dog are much less likely to develop the annoying condition called eczema.

Dog not alone help keep us with are health but they also help us with social aspects of our lives. The British Medical Journal has concluded that dogs act as social catalysts that help us get out and about more. They help us approach others more easily and overall reduce isolation. Human social support is more beneficial to human health.

Humans have been around for thousands of year and the dog has been stated to go back 45,000 years go. So the answer is yes humans can live with a do but why would you want to? The help make us better people just by loving us. Buddhists believe that the day Buddha died; he summoned all the animals to his side. Only 12 species showed up, the dog being one of them. Each 12 species got a year of their very own and that is how the Chinese Zodiac came from. It is nearly impossible not to be moved with the unique love and loyalty that is shared between a dog and a human. It amazes me how many people do end up giving up their dogs. After all that they have done for you? I don’t know about, but I definitely could not live without a dog.








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