What Can Everyday People Do to Help Support Animal Welfare? (by Andrea Russell)

Research Question:

What can everyday people do to help support animal welfare?

PART ONE: Works Cited

  1. Nunn, Cece. “New thrift store helps animals in need.” Star-News (Wilmington, NC) 24 Apr. 2013: Newspaper Source. Web. 3 June 2014.
  • This article is about how a thrift store (Salty Paws Thrift Store) helps benefit animal welfare groups. The store has a trailer that can pick up large groups of animals during an emergency (such as a natural disaster) Volunteers bring tons (literally thousands of pounds) of dog and cat food to shelters in times of need. The store also donates proceeds from sales of resale items to different animal welfare groups.
  • I chose this article because of the fist sentence. It really resonated with me. I have said the same thing in every assignment I have done. And that is, “Shannon Prince’s family includes five dogs and two lizards.” Shannon includes her animals in her family and that is helps to associate my cause with this article.
  • TV host Bob Barker protests Wash. U’s use of cats in medical lab


  1. Bernhard, Blythe. “TV host Bob Barker protests Wash. U’s use of cats in medical lab.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) 24 Apr. 2013: Newspaper Source. Web. 3 June 2014.
  • Everyone knows the animal loving Bob Barker from The Price Is Right “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” Became a catch phrase at the end of every episode. This article talks about the money that Bob donated to stop the use of live cats and get them to buy mannequins for their training and use in classrooms.
  • There are many facilities that use live animals for research. I want to open people eyes and show them that if there is an alternative then we should do what we can to get the awareness out and make that alternative the new training material. After all spreading awareness is the easiest way for everyday people to help support any cause.


  1. Service Animals: Serve us animals: Serve us, animals.
  • MALAMUD, RANDY. “Service Animals: Serve Us Animals: Serve Us, Animals.” Social Alternatives 32.4 (2013): 34-40. Academic Search Premier. Web. 3 June 2014.
  • This article shows a perspective of service animals versus companion animals. The article also touches on the ability of animals to do jobs that people cannot, for example drug sniffing dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, seeing eye dogs, etc.
  • I think this article is important to my research and writing because It proves we need animals to work and do certain jobs but I want to show that using them as research dummies isn’t as necessary as it has been in the past due to how far technology has come.


PART TWO: Writing a Letter to a Government Official

Writing a letter to a government official:


You may write any Member of the Senate at:

Post Office Box 142

Columbia, S.C. 29202-0142


Senate Mailing List (Word .docx) Merge format.

The sample letter below is provided to show the correct format for addressing your State Senator. It is impossible to provide one letter that would meet the needs of all students; so, you will need to personalize your letter to address your concerns or issues regarding legislation. Please use the left-hand column as a guide for the format, but make the letter unique to your needs!


Return Address 






Senator’s Address








Introduce yourself: your name, address and school to identify that you are a constituent


Why are you writing your Senator?






Ask for a response





Thank your Senator for his/her time


Closing with your name

Your NameAddressCity, S.C. Zip Code



[Insert Date]



The Honorable [Insert Senator’s Name]

Post Office Box 142

Columbia, S.C. 29202-0142



Dear Senator [Insert Last Name]:



My name is [Insert Your Name] and I reside at [Insert Your Address] in [Insert Your City], South Carolina. I am in the fourth grade at [Insert Your School].



I am writing you to ask that you help make school buses safer to ride. I ride the bus to and from school every day.

[Be specific with your suggestion, idea or request. If you are writing about a specific Bill, include the Bill Number –

for example, H. 5400 or. S. 2815]



I appreciate your help and ask that you please send me a response letting me know if you are able to pass a Bill that would make our school buses safer to ride.



Thank you for your time and considering my request.





[Insert Your Name]



The letter I actually sent to Senator Wyden:


  Andrea Russell(address removed) 


04 June 2014



The Honorable Ron Wyden

221 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510


Dear Senator Wyden:



My name is Andrea and I reside at (address removed). I am taking Writing 122 at Portland Community College (Rock Creek)



I am writing you to ask that you help Raise awareness for everyday people to be able to support animal welfare. I am a pet owner and an avid animal lover. I would love for you to look over, SB6, the Omnibus Animal Bill which, strengthens animal neglect laws. And also increases penalties in animal abuse cases involving repeat offenders, and neglect offenses involving 10 plus animals. This bill Also requires animal rescue groups to obtain licenses and maintain records. I would love the punishment for crimes like these involving animals to be treated more like child abuse charges. I know I cannot change the entire world, but with your help I could be one step closer to teaching everyday people how to support animal welfare.


I appreciate your help and I ask that you send me a response letting me know if you are able to make changes to this Bill or any like it that would make this world saver and more nondiscriminatory for those with out a voice.



Thank you for your time and considering my request.





Andrea Russell





  1. Jeff Nelsen

    Hi Andrea,

    It is wonderful that you are standing up for animal rights. I am a current pet owner and “Midget” a Chihuahua, is treated as an equal in our family. I have traveled in areas of the world, (Southeast Asia, Turkey) that have no animal rights. The pet population is out of control. Cats and dogs are treated as pests verses living beings. Bob Barker would not be thrilled with that situation.

    It would be interesting to add a link to the SB6 Ominous Animal Bill for quick reference in your text. Is this Bill directly related to the state of Oregon or a national bill? Out of pure interest, was there any research found on the statistics of animal abuse in the state of Oregon vs. other states?

    Thank you for the awareness. I hope our Senator recognizes the importance of keeping our animal safe and equal.

    Jeff Nelsen
    PCC WR 122

  2. Karen Cordell

    Andrea I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! The topic is so important to me, as I myself am constantly trying to raise awareness of what companies and laboratories test on animals. I love the articles you chose and the reasons you chose them, but what I especially love is that you contacted our senator.

    I think it is so cool that you provided an outline on how to write a senator. This is really inspiring and I will be sure to follow suit. I am also interested in reading this bill you wrote about. I feel empowered as a reader to take action into my own hands. Good job!


  3. Christina


    This is a great topic and a very important one. Animal rights too often take a back seat to other hot topics so thank you for doing something about it. Your passion for the project clearly comes through in your letter. I like Jeff’s suggestion of including a link to the Bill you are advocating for. I also noticed some oddly capitalized words in your letter which distracted me briefly.

    Your research collection gives a nice wide view of the different angles of animal rights. I liked the articles you selected. In the future, I would recommend looking at some annotated bibliographies for formatting.

    Thank you including the sample for writing to senators. Including it helps making the task of writing senators and such about topics close to our hearts much easier. I am with Karen and feel empowered as a reader that action and change can be accomplished.


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