Is Joint Custody More Beneficial to a Child Than Full Custody? (by Aubrey Christenson)

Research Question & Introduction

Research Question: Is joint custody more beneficial to a child than full custody?

InstagramCapture_7af81321-6461-4ae6-9284-b0b8bffb43fe_jpgThis term in writing 122 my focus has been on families and more important single parent families. I chose this research question based on my personal experience with this issue. I feel as though my papers thus far have been about the benefits of helping families. I have learned that I am not alone in my struggles and that there are many people who relate to me and my situation. Now I will show you guys some articles that support my feelings on what family is to me and the benefits to the child. I have researched the pros and cons of joint and full custody on the parent and the child. Unfortunately too often we see single parent homes because the other parent is absent or in and out of the child’s life, this is where the benefits of full custody come into focus. In addition to my research on this topic I will be starting an ongoing blog where I will share my struggles and triumphs as a single mother with the hope that other people will feel as I have felt. There is always someone somewhere experiencing the same things you have. We are not alone in this world and I feel as though it’s about time everyone is made aware of this.

Research Collection and Annotations

How Many Mothers? By the census bureau

This article is a survey by the census of all types of mothers and women. I feel as though it is beneficial to see the statistics on the amount of single mothers, stay at home mothers, and working mothers. These numbers far outweigh the fathers around the world. If you scroll down to the look at the amount of single mothers there are 9.9 million single mothers with children who are younger than 18 years of age.

The fragile family is what’s discussed in the article. The difference in how a family is defined over the years is something that the article touches on throughout the article. I know that this article like many others are a bit lengthy, however the information that they consist of is very beneficial to my question.

Health: Psychology; The Children of Divorce: Joint Custody Is Found To Offer Little Benefit

By Gina Kolata journalist for the New York Times

The article above discusses the fact that joint custody doesn’t benefit the child at all it is more so for the adults. The author Gina Kolata looks closer into the effects of this type of custody in regards to divorced or separated families. The children are then forced to divide their time between both households and feel as though they are being pulled different directions. These children then have a harder time dealing with the littlest changes in their life, they also develop slower emotionally. Gina Kolata talks about the downfall to joint custody and then shines a positive light on full custody.

Joint Child Custody: Do the Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages? By Seth Persily Atlanta Georgia divorce attorney

The advantages and disadvantages of joint custody after separation are laid out in this article. They discuss not only the pros and cons in regards to the children but the parents as well. one thing I enjoyed about this article is that they state that some of the time joint custody isn’t what’s best for couple who have separated because they are then realizing that no two couple or ex couples are alike. The decision of whether joint or full custody is more beneficial to the child ultimately comes down to the best interest of the child.


The Public Writing

I created my own blog that will have weekly updates from me about one triumph and struggle I have experienced in my hectic week.



  1. Carissa Grady

    I absolutely loved your blog post. I know from experience how hard being a single mother because my mom was a single mom for so long. I remember she and I would be rumaging through our couch to find spare change when money was tight. So going to school full time, working full time, having a child and doing it all on your own is hard work. I always thought that when I was little that I would never speak to my dad after I turned 18 since it was court ordered that I see him every other weekend. But to my surprise I talk to him and see him all the time which I find amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess when I was little I thought that he just did this, not because he wanted to but because he had to because he was court ordered to do so.

    I love the fact that you chose to focus on what is not so great about joint custody because not every case is great and has a lot of hardships for the children involved.

    Great Post!

  2. Danelle

    I really like what you have written about, it takes guts to be mother. I found your research to be very interesting it really shows you care about this topic. I thought it was interesting about what you found out about joint custody.

    After reading your personal blog I see where you get your drive from about the topic. It must of been difficult in the beginning but you seem like you really handled it. I’m a nanny so I understand how hard it can be. I do know that being a mother and nanny are completely different though. Good for you for overcoming all of your obstacles.

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