How Our Donations Effect the Lives of Those around Us (by Kayla Perry)

nurse_picThe Research Question: How does donating impact the lives of others around us?

For my volunteer work I was collecting donations of toys and money for a local children’s hospital, as well as informing the public about how important it is to give back/donate within our society. I set up two separate locations for donations, posted letters stating where the donations would be going, and made up flyers to hand out as well telling the impact one’s donations could have on a child’s (and their family’s) life. As part of my public writing I chose to create my own blog not only to continue to inform others about the importance of giving back, but also in hopes to gain insight from others about what kind of effect donations have had on their lives personally.

Part I: The Research Collection

  1. Wright, Ollie. “Three Reasons Why We Should Donate to Charities.” eHow. Demand Media, 15 Feb. 2012. Web. 26 May 2014. <;.

This article is a great fit for my research question because the main goal within the article is to inform readers why it is so important to donate to charity. I specifically chose this piece because it address one of the main things I am trying to get across to readers through my research question, and that is no matter how much money you have (or don’t have) there is always something you can do to help out a local charity. Donating your time may even have a bigger impact on someone’s life as opposed to just donating money.

  1. Writer, Contributing. “What Are the Benefits of Donating to Charity?.” eHow. Demand Media, 14 June 2012. Web. 26 May 2014. <;.

This is a short article, but has several of the things I am looking for to answer my research question. This article lists many reasons why it is important to donate to charity and tells of the many benefits. If helping others out by donating isn’t enough in itself, this article lists many of the reasons how it is beneficial to you in ways such as tax benefits and cleaning out your clutter.

  1. “Why Do People Donate to Charitable Causes? – Step By Step Fundraising.” Why Do People Donate to Charitable Causes? – Step By Step Fundraising. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 May 2014. <;.

This article is a longer one that address the connection between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and donating. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory proposed by Abraham Maslow that states there are five levels of needs including Self-actualization, Esteem, Love/Belonging, Safety, and Physiological that human motivations generally move through. This article works to show how people who donate fall into the higher levels on these five needs. After giving an overall connection between the hierarchy of needs and donating, this article breaks down each of those connections further to show exactly how donating effects each of the five levels.

  1. “Why do You Really Give to Charity? Why Donate?.” Evas Village RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 May 2014. <;.

This article is more of a blog that addresses reasons to donate from more of a psychological point of view. This blog goes into more depth about how donating effects one’s inner self. This blog also addresses a new theory that the more/longer you think about donating the less likely you are to donate (or likely to donate a smaller amount). Based off of this theory, the blog explores whether this could be true, and what we as a society should do to keep donations rates rising.

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  1. Tammy Czlapinski

    Hello Kayla, Thank you for taking the time and opportunity to discuss your concerns about donating. I do believe that donating time is just as important as the monetary gifts people give. I thought of a great example: let’s say I visit an elderly home just to do a random visit. I think a patient there would much rather have a visitor than five dollars. In fact I think I might just do that. I have thought about visiting an elderly home, just because, no particular reason .I think it would make someone’s day , I know it would mine:).Thanks again for your research.

  2. Dalee Johnson

    Hey Kayla! You have chosen a very important topic to write about, and I think that it will encourage a lot of other people to think about donating. Your sources seem strong and interesting, too. I love your sentence saying “Donating your time may even have a bigger impact on someone’s life as opposed to just donating money.” It is so true, and people tend to forget that.
    I couldn’t actually get to your blog though. The site was trying to get me to do a lot of things before I could get anywhere and I still never found your blog.
    Other than that, I have really enjoyed your writing! Thank you!

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