Proper Nutrition for Kids in School (by Tammy Czlapinski)

TammyPicThe Research Collection: 

My project/focus this term for my project has been to research what we as parents can do to help ensure our children are getting the proper nutrition they need in our schools. This subject ties into my theme for this term (Families/Family Services).My opinion on this subject is somewhat bias due to the research I have found after doing this project. I hope I can persuade more parents to use Pilgrim school as a mentor in guidance to making our public schools healthier for our children.


  1. This article talks about parents going above and beyond what typical parents to for their children’s lunches

  1. This article discusses how first lady Michelle Obama is involved in ensuring our children are eating healthier while in school.

3. This article talks about yet another school district that is actively involved in serving healthier meals to our children during school

The Public Writing

Mr. Jeff Rose,Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Beaverton School District

16550 SW. Merlo Rd.

Beaverton, Or. 97006


Dear Mr. Rose,

My name is Tammy Czlapinski .I currently reside in Beaverton, Oregon and attend Portland Community College. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication to our school district and our community. I have spent the last couple of months trying to research our lunch programs in our schools to see if there is some alternative to enable our kids to eat healthier. My research has led me to a few ideas that I would like to share with you.


I am writing today to ask you to please look at our school lunch programs overall and do an evaluation compared to other schools. A great example would be: the work First lady Michelle Obama is currently doing in Washington DC. Although there is still some debate about portions and or food choices, it ultimately is about taking care of our children. The bottom line is that we all need to help ourselves and our children stay healthier. I think by enabling our kids to eat healthier, by providing nutritious food in our schools is a start.

There are also alternative options that other school districts have opted for, such as: “The Power of food “. Durango school District 9R has started taking control of the food kids eat by offering less sugar to students and providing fresh fruit and vegetables. Pilgrim Lutheran Church/School has a great example that compares t no other school district I am aware of. The meals provided to the students are not only homemade, the meals are also prepared and served by the students’ parents daily, yes that is correct the students’ parents cook and serve their children every day during the school year. Recently KATU did an interview with some of the women at the school and basically the mothers just want to ensure their kids are eating good, healthy food.

As a mother of six children I have never given much thought to the meals our schools provide until doing the research for this project. I have always assumed, like most parents that our kids eat nutritious foods at school. I have since learned that is simply not the case. My kids have had access to pop, pizza, chips, candy and other foods loaded with sugars and or are not healthy choices. The kids may love it but with our country having an obesity problem, I would like to think that our schools would provide healthier food options.

I am asking that you please consider looking into our school lunch program, so that you can make a difference in our kids’ lives overall well-being. I truly believe that kids that eat healthier will flourish academically.

During this term I started doing a variety of volunteer projects and then I finally got it narrowed down to one topic I feel that needs to be addressed. The topic of: providing nutritional meals at our schools. Just think of the positive impact you could have in so many lives by simply changing and or implementing a healthier school breakfast/lunch program.

Below are just a brief few glimpses of ideas that you could look at to get an idea of what to do and where to get started. These websites should motivate you to want to do the best for our children. Thank you so much for your time.




  1. Aubrey Christenson

    I greatly enjoyed your research and public writing. Your paper is very strong along with your research maybe adding a couple more sources that support your question would make your project that much stronger. I enjoyed the variety of sources that you provided though. I loved the phrase,”the power of food” because the impact as you explained if tremendous on children at public schools. Great Job

  2. Dalee Johnson

    Hello Tammy! I loved reading about the subject you chose to write about. It is extremely imperative that we make sure our children are healthy and many schools don’t currently provide the nutrition kids need. I also believe that children do so much better when they are healthier. I had no idea about the Pilgrim school, but I think many kids would benefit from something like that. I would like to have read just a little bit more about your sources, but overall I think your writing has been informative and motivational. Thank you!

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