What Effects Do Single Parent Homes Have on the Success of Children (by Jeremy Jones)


Research Question:  What affects does single parent homes have on the success of children?


1.  Bissett, J. (2013, August 25). Group helps kids from single-parent homes. Dominion Post, The (Morgantown, WV).

This article is about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  The article goes on to explain the importance of having role models in kids’ lives who are growing up in single parent homes.  There are a number of statistics attached to the article that will be very useful in my research question and my final project.

2.  JOHN OLIVER HOME, O. (2013, December 16). Help is at hand for hard-up single parents. Advertiser, The (Adelaide). p. 50.

This article touches on the financial strain that is involved with single parent homes.  This will be useful to me during my research project because I will be able to look at the financial aspect of having children and working full time to be able to provide for them.  This also has a big effect on the success of the children that are involved.  This article is critical to my research and to my blog because there is direct correlation on the financial status of a family and the success of the children that are involved.

3.  Erdelja, S., Vokal, P., Bolfan, M., Erdelja, S., Begovac, B., & Begovac, I. (2013). Delinquency in incarcerated male adolescents is associated with single parenthood, exposure to more violence at home and in the community, and poorer self-image. Croatian Medical Journal, 54(5), 460-468. doi:10.3325/cmj.2013.54.460

This article talks about delinquency in incarcerated adolescents being more likely related to having parents who did not live together; confidence interval, being more exposed to violence at home/community, and having poorer self-image.  This article is good for my research because it helps me identify barriers to these youth being successful individuals.

4. ALIKA, H., & EDOSA, O. (2012). Relationship Between Broken Homes And Academic Achievement Of Secondary School Students In Oredo Local Government Area Of Edo State, Nigeria. College Student Journal, 46(2), 256-263.

This article took a look at the relationship between broken homes and the academic achievement of students.  Results showed a significant relationship between broken homes and academic achievement of students. It was also discovered that female students from broken homes perform better in their studies than the male students, moreover the result showed that low socio-economic status, also had an adverse effect on the academic performance of children from broken homes.  This article provides additional support information on the success of youth from broken/ single parent homes.



I would like to express that the last several weeks of volunteering with Parkrose School District has taught me so much and has opened my eyes to a lot. I have a strong desire and calling when it comes to working with youth and also serving the community.  Throughout this term I have taken this project serious and I have really looked into the idea of fatherless homes and what it is like for children who have been raised in a single parent household.


What affects does single parent homes have on the success of children?


I spent time working with the youth at Parkrose High School and went through many weeks of building relationships and bonding with these kids. They were able to look to me as a mentor and someone that they could trust with the everyday struggles that they face. Many of these youth have grown up in a home with just one parent. They were able to express the struggles and the everyday challenges that they faced.  Many expressed how it was difficult to have just one parent who was working full time in order to provide for the family.  This meant there was very little supervision growing up and they were left to make a lot of choices on their own.  Some of the other hardships and challenges that were brought up included; difficulties in school, crime, drugs, financial instability and overall relationship with parent.


Many students that I worked with over the term have significant struggles with their academic work. This made me want to take a deeper look into the correlation between academics and broken single parent homes. One research article that I found stated that there was a strong correlation between broken homes and poor academics (Alika, H & Edosa, O). It is important for us to be aware and remember that the environment that we put kids into has a significant impact on their ability to be successful and to achieve their goals. Many students expressed when there is not enough support there is not enough to push them or keep them accountable. I found this to be especially true and difficult for high school students who are naturally beginning to have more freedom given they are in a high school setting. This same article went on to show that there was also a significant negative impact on a students academic success in correlation with the socioeconomic status of their family. Studies have shown that students from broken single parent homes have a h ome life that is less intellectually stimulating and therefore they struggle with what is being taught in school and how to cope while at school. Through my years of experience in working with this population I couldn’t express how many times I have seen this to be true and to play out with the youth. This goes to show that there are definitely many negative affects that go along with a child’s success when it comes to a single parent home.


Through my many years of working with youth I have found that there is a strong relationship between single parent homes and delinquency in youth. Many of the facilities and youth I have worked with have been involved in the criminal system a number of times just in their teenage years of life. Many studies have proved this correlation and it appears that single parents have a more difficult time raising their adolescent youth. I have discovered through my volunteer work this term that security is an absolute necessity for a lot of adolescent youth, and those who have grown up in single parent homes lack the feeling of security in their home lives.








These are all factors of a single parent home that happen to have a negative impact on the youth in our communities. I have found that being able to mentor and be a strong positive male role model to many of these youth has made a significant impact on their lives. I feel it is important for all of us to remember that the simple act of paying a little extra attention to these youth can help improve the overall activity that takes place in our communities that involves our youth.



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