Being Actively Involved in Our Communities By Angel Staples

Since attending Emmaus Church for a year now, my family and I have benefited much from the strong community there. I have enjoyed being able to serve the children, families, and parents as a volunteer in the children’s ministry. Work with the ages 0-3 is so much fun, and has really opened my eyes to see the need to engage and serve our communities and families.The babies and toddlers are happy, fed, in a loving, safe, learning enviroment, while parents can enjoy weekly Sunday service.

“Why is being actively involved in serving community important?”                    holding hands

The community of Emmaus reaches out to the Woodlawn schools by volunteering time to help serve by handing out lunches to the neighborhood kids.  We consider them our neighbors and try to find new ways to serve the children and families. Each member at Emmaus has the option to sign up for many different volunteer opportunities. Some ways to engage are committing to the weekend lunch distribution for one hour, and the weekday tutoring for one hour. There is also weekend lunch packing for one hour as well as helping with PTA nights, and fundraisers

Since volunteering I have gained a greater appreciation and awareness for community involvement. I see that volunteer work is important at Woodlawn because it allows the low-income families at Woodlawn to have food ready and packaged for them. And being fed for any person brings one less worry. The tutoring volunteer services help the children progress in their learning and education. And the parents and teachers are able to have an extra hand to assist them during PTA nights. It shows the parents, teachers, and children that they have support, giving them that extra boast they need to succeed.

According to the volunteer mission at Emmaus is “to live for the good of the city we are actively involved in serving Woodlawn School community in several ways, the more people who are involved, the more difference we can make together.” Through interactions with the Woodlawn community it helps that community know that people do care, and that we are all in this life together to help each other. It allows this particular community to have full access to volunteer services for their children and families at no cost.

Serving at places like Woodlawn Elementary schools and else where, we see that it is making a big impact in our communities. This will help children grow, and learn in a healthy way, because they have the support from not only the parents, and teachers, but from the volunteers. 

Through telling friends, family, and everyone else I can, I am hoping to bring more awareness to the benefits of serving in our communities.

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  1. Why do you think that people in our community are less involved than they could be? Is it because of lack of information? Lack of value in the greater good? Great project, Angel!

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