Unhealthy Generations (by Matthew Powell)


My name is Matthew Powell and I am writing a blog with some explanations as to why our generation is less healthy than previous ones. My soul purpose for beginning this research was originally to better educate loved ones in my family about how to become more healthy. In order to figure out how to become more healthy I needed to understand why we are so unhealthy today. I decided it was best to compare information from previous generations to now. What’s different and how does it affect us today?

The Public Writing: Unhealthy Generations

obesityinamericaThe odds are that everyone who reads this either is or knows someone who is out of shape or living an unhealthy lifestyle, especially for those living in the United States. Unfortunately it has become a normal thing in our everyday lives. People seem to care less about the repercussions of what they do to their bodies on a daily basis. Day after day you see people getting in long lines for their favorite fast food chains. You see hundreds of advertisements that beg for you to mistreat your body and its needs. It didn’t used to be this way. Research shows that today’s generations are way unhealthier than they were previously, but why? There are several things that today’s society can point at to blame for our unhealthy ways.

Fast food has been around for quite some time now. Today’s generation everyone is always in a hurry. People claim to not have time to whip up their very own home cooked meals to get them throughout the day. Setting aside a little extra time to make things healthier has cost those guilty of not doing so. Fast food has become so unhealthy in today’s industries. The amount of preservatives and substitutes in meals has raised a lot more than in the past. Fast food industries are in it to make the most amount of money possible. A place they go to save money is in things like preservatives. If they can make something last a lot longer than it should they will just so they don’t have to purchase more. You’ll notice a lot of restaurants indulge their food in lots of saturated fats. Those fats tend to add more flavors at a cheaper cost than some seasonings. It’s also way more time effective to have those fats or grease on hand rather than season each individual meal. This is something that has become more of a modern day thing for restaurants to do. In the past things were more about quality and not quantity.

Today’s generation is much more exposed to advertisements than previous generations. Believe it or not I feel that is a major reason why our generation is much more out of shape. The fact that we have color advertisements that show deliciously juicy burgers that make our mouth water at first site is a problem. In previous times you may have gotten a radio add. A radio add does not quite persuade me as much as a television commercial. Even though we all know the food shown on TV never looks as good in person, we may still go out of our way to have a try of that that was shown. I hope that no one ever invents something like “smell-o-vision” for your TV. If that ever came out people would constantly be hungry for food. If fast food advertisements weren’t around as much then I truly believe people would not have the urge to go out and get fast food as much as they do.

Our generation has become extremely lazy compared to others. Growing up I heard story upon story of how much hard work my grandparents had to do growing up. They would have to chop would daily to stay warm, clean the barn, chuck hay, etc. Nowadays if I am cold I run upstairs and turn up the thermostat a notch and go relax in front of me big screen TV. Technology is great but it has affected the drive in people around the world. Everything is being done for us on a daily basis. Allowing us to get lazier and lazier every day, which is not a great way to burn all those extra calories from the fast food we endure today. My grandpa always told me that when he was young he would go out on an adventure in the woods behind his place. He was always outside doing something fun. He claims that was one of his secrets to staying healthy when he was young. Unfortunately the majority of young kids today would rather play a video game instead of enjoy the outdoors.

AS time goes on in this world things will change. How they change no one will ever know. People need to be able to adapt to whatever change that happens accordingly. Making a wrong judgment call on even the slightest thing will have its repercussions. At the end of the day the only thing we should be pointing fingers at is ourselves. We have the power to make those smart healthy choices. There may be things that try and persuade us differently, but you have the overall choice of what happens.

The Research Collection

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOPl8P2S-Lw, Jamie Oliver, August 7th, 2013.  This video is a video of Jamie Oliver speaking to the public about today’s society and obesity and the food we it. He mainly points fingers at America and the way that Americans have become known to live in today’s society. I feel it’s a good source because of all the information he shares. He shows past and present comparisons and his own beliefs to why things are the way they are. He does it in a dramatic fashion which helps get the point across.

“Obesity in America”, http://obesityinamerica.org/ Endocrine Society.  I found this very helpful in getting a good understanding in what creates obesity and really for what obesity is. Everything I needed to understand the basics of my research I was able to find here.

“Has Fast Food Become Healthier?” http://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/2013/10/21/has-fast-food-become-healthier, Taylor Amidor.  This article had some really interesting facts about fast food that I was able to obtain for my question. It helped compare how things are now compared to previous times for things like fast food. It gives examples of portion sizes and health facts as well.

Basically I found sources to where I could learn as much about my topic as possible. How unhealthy habits start. Where they come from? What causes them? And what it was like in the past. A few of my resources that are not listed were from people telling me about what it was like in the past. I am not sure exactly how to cite that or if I even should cite that information. I find them very important to my writing and would like to know if I should include them in this section or not.



  1. Brittany

    I found your writing piece very intriguing! I agree with you that our generation has become too lazy. I chose to read your blog because my project was a bit similar to yours, and your title caught my eye. Where did your public writing go? Did you send it to a government official? etc.? I also found that there were some typos, hey it happens to everybody but make sure you read through and correct them 🙂 The voice in your writing was very persuading. I could tell that you are very serious about this issue and want to change the way people eat. How could we make a difference? It is very tough when restaurants are relying on saturated fats to enhance flavors of their food in a timely manner. Would customers be more satisfied with quick service, or food that may take longer but has real ingredients? I think that your question is a very important issue in our society. Thank you for sharing!

  2. jossica

    I completely agree with your essay, yet I find myself to be a very product of this type of person. I know it’s bad, and I know it’s what’s causing us to become overweight, and I’m often so irritated at how produce is so much more expensive than junk food, making it easier to justify not eating well. I hope that eventually we as a society will feel more motivated to do something about this. We treat our bodies like garbage disposals, and then wonder why we feel like we have no energy most of the time. When I was on a healthy eating part of my life, I felt so much better with the foods that I was taking in. Upon reading this, maybe I can remotivate myself to stop making excuses and eat better, so that we can live a healthier longer life.

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