The Responsibility For Volunteer in Our Community (by Tim Vandehey)


In the winter term of 2013 we were asked to pick a theme that we were interested in, wanted to explore the nature of, or just something completely random.  In my case I chose something I was fairly familiar with, health and wellness.   I have spent my life engaging in activities from brain games such as chest to extreme motocross racing.  So, with that in mind I thought this would be a great theme that I had a good understanding of and could reference to my past and present life experiences to.  However, the experience I had throughout my volunteer work for the course’s work study was much more rewarding then I could have imagined.

Working 40 to 60 hours a week and being a full time student I was kind of nervous when I learned we were required to volunteer for our work study assignment.  But fortunately, I was able to make it work and it fit my schedule perfectly.  I attended Century High school’s wrestling practices where I coached alongside my high school coach.  I helped with skill building and drilling, these drills improve the wrestler’s coordination with the wrestling move.   Also, I instructed proper technique to the wrestlers which ensures the wrestler is doing the move correctly, to avoid injury as much as possible.  As my experience grew I began to be a role model for the kids in the wrestling program.  They would seek advice and ask my thoughts on what they should do to improve.   Not only were the wrestlers learning from me but I too was learning from them.  It was a phenomenal experience that shortly went from a WR 122 work study to a full fledge part of my life.


March 5, 2014

Hillsboro School District

Athletic and Health Department,

About three months ago I had the great pleasure of being a part of one of Hillsboro’s greatest athletic programs, Century wrestling.   I started at Century High School as a volunteer wrestling coach where attended practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to around 6 pm.  Being a part of the program when I was in high school I had an idea of how the system worked.  But being on the coaching side I was introduced to another side of the wrestling world.  I instantly learned how much work it actually was to keep an organization in order.  The coaching staff of century has a very organized plan that helps ensure all parameters are taken and gone over properly.  The way this program operates is a health and beneficial atmosphere for young minds to develop.

Now being a part of Century wrestling during my high school years is something I will never forget as long as I live.  I learned not only how to be a good athlete but also how to be a great person.  The skills I was taught never were just related to athletics but skills that that help aid a healthy and well lifestyle.  Part of the success of Century wrestling is the proper steps that were taken by the coaching staff, wrestler are taught the correct way to diet without hurting or damaging the body.  We as a team followed the book and never took the easy way out.  This method allowed us as young men to build healthy habits that would reflect our futures.  I was fortunate enough to have this experience, but many people grow up and aren’t as lucky. The years of wrestling went by fast but the impact will last forever.   I believe that if all individuals could experience this type of lesson than the lifestyle of our community could strengthen.

The question that I ask is, “what kind of events do we locally have that educate people about the importance of a healthy and well life?”   I believe that communities should come together to run a free clinic that travels to school after school that educates the students on why a healthy diet is important.  These clinics can also do free testing that gives results of an individual’s health.  I got this idea from an article from a newspaper company in Arkansas know as the Lake Wylie Pilot.  It consisted of 40 vendors that operated different medical testing booths that helped educate people on different types of medical problems.   Now the event was put on by sponsors who were in the medical field and also realtors.  Now seeing that it consisted of all types of people from different careers and knowing it was all volunteers, I felt relevant to the cause since I myself was a volunteer that educated people on health.   (LakeWyliePilot)

Many ideas have come to mind when researching the different aspect of health and wellness, but to me it all comes down to learning healthy habits at a young age.  Everyone knows children are like sponges and learn most of their habits at a young age.  I believe that this is where we should focus.  Children need to be able to have mental and physical exercise to develop to their full potential.  (human Kinetics ) With all of these components the mind of our society can only improve and as people develop their quality of health will benefit.  These contributions to our own health will help with other aspects of life such as stress.  (human Kinetics )

Life has a way of making obstacles for us to navigate thru.  Some people are able to battle through with no problem, but others have a harder time getting by and this can cause a stressful way of life.  Different personalities have different types of triggers that cause stress.  Different levels of stress can cause health issues if not addressed properly.  Stress can cause physical and mental problems that are easily fixed but if the individual isn’t aware of the simple solutions then they will live that way until they are educated.  In part of my research I came across an article that the famous Dr. Oz wrote.  It was a ten step way of living that incorporated a healthy lifestyle with little to no effort.  (Öz) The steps are things people do on regular bases and are easily adaptable to any way of life.

Along with that I found a phenomenal video on how to manage stress.  This video is wonderful because it gives a visual aid to the person watching it.  You are able to get a bird’s eye view on the subject matter instead of just reading about how to live a stress free life.   As you watch the video you learn the techniques that benefit people in dealing with stress.  (AARP Corporation )  Stress is a manger component of wellness.  If you alleviate stress your able to life a happy life.

I believe that all things have a reason for being what they are.  But I also have learned that change is done by individuals and those willing to take a stand and do something to better their community.    That’s why my part in the volunteer work I did at century High School was so important; it gave me the clarity to understand the benefits of a well full community.  If the proper steps can be taken to give the community the experience I had I think that the overall health of our society can improve.  All I ask is that we enhance the delivery of a healthy lifestyle to those in our community so they can live a well full life.


Tim Vandehey

The Research Collection

Source One

LakeWyliePilot. “Health and Wellness Fair.” Health and Wellness Fair March 12 in Rock Hill 11 March 2014: 4.

Health and Wellness convention

In Little Rock, AR the Piedmont Regional Association of Realtors, Piedmont Medical Center and The Heart2Heart Foundation is hosting one of many events on health and wellness fair in mid March. In this event there will be about 40 plus vendors that will be apart the event. A few of the things the event will offer are free health screenings along with important information about wellness programs and services available in the community. The event starts Heart Month, with Piedmont Medical Center giving complimentary heart health screenings that will include cholesterol, BMI, blood glucose, and blood pressure checks.  And for those looking for advance Heart Health Risk Assessments, which include blood work, a 12-lead EKG test, and a review by a board-certified cardiologist are also available. This event is free and also has door prizes.


Source Two

AARP Corporation . “Visual MD.” Manage Your Stress 6 Feb 2014: 20. A video on how to manage the stress of life.

 Video link.

If a person doesn’t take the time to counter the effects of stress, then the short-term happiness and long-term health of an individual will suffer. When stress takes over your life, the consequences are not merely emotional. Physically, the stressed-out body takes a beating. In this video you get a visual on how stress affects you mental and physical health.  If not treated the long term wellness of a person can be compromised.  In this video you learn simple yet affective ways to control and manage stress from many aspects in life. 

Source Three

Öz, Dr. Mehmet Cengiz. “Health tips.” 10 Healthy Living Tips 28 Feb 2011-2014.

In this article Dr. Oz express his beliefs on how easy it is to incorporate healthy living with everyday life.  He give a 10 step formula that makes being healthy and well very obtain able.  This 10 step process is beneficial to all ages, if these steps can be a habit for the youth than it will eventually carry over to their adulthood. 


Stretch! Helps focus the mind and gives an adrenaline boost.  Take 10,000 steps. Walking elevates your mood, challenges your heart also even help reduce food cravings. Floss those teeth, taking care of your teeth and gums are not only good for your mouth, but can add a year to your life. Not a fish fan? Get omega-3s from plants. The fatty acids found in cold-water fish like salmon maintain optimal levels of good cholesterol, and lower bad cholesterol.  Drink filtered tap water. The solution: Drink cold water—it quenches thirst, helps you feel full and keeps your body operating at full capacity. Break your multivitamin in half. Do half now and half later.  Kick the sugar habit. Keep consumption of sugar low so you have less energy swings.  Make television work for you. If you’re going to flip on the TV, you should exercise while you watch.  Take a nap, less than seven hours’ of sleep can equal to higher levels of the stress.  Do Good! “One of the best ways to fight stress in your life is to do something good for someone else—an act of love or generosity.”Dr. OZ

Source Four

human Kinetics . ” Human Kinetics / News and Excerpts / Articles.” Give Students Time to Play 28 Feb. 2014: 55. The Importance of Health, Fitness, and Wellness by Can-Fit-Pro


In health related fitness there are four primary categories that are important to improved physical health.  Along with physical health these components also help with an individual’s mental health as well. The first being, Cardio respiratory capacity which is the body’s ability to take oxygen and deliver it to the cells and create energy, along with that the long-term benefits of the cardio respiratory systems strength is decreased resting heart rate, cardiovascular disease, and help endurance.  Next you have Muscular capacity this refers to the spectrum of muscular capability, good example being muscle strength and endurance.  Flexibility is the amount of movement or motion that a joint is capable of performing.  Long-term benefits are decreased risk of injury, increased range of motion, and better bodily movements.  Last but not least, Body composition.  This is the proportion of fat-free mass compared to fat mass.  In body composition you have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, better basal metabolic rate, improved bodily function, and improved BMI.

In this article you are able to get a range of information that relates to my theme.  It has great facts with examples to back up the information given.  In this article the author breaks down different aspects of the article to help the reader understand, step by step, how to educate themselves on health and wellness.  I used this information above to show how the author uses a few facts to educate the reader of the benefits of these systems and how you can harm them without using proper technique



One comment

  1. Hi Tim,I think it’s great that you volunteered at your old high school and helped out with the wrestling team! What a way to give back. In your introduction I like how you explained the positive impact it had on you and the team. I also liked you told the readers what you learned and it seemed like you took a lot out of it, like understanding more how things are ran from a coaches perspective. I bet you reflect on wrestling a little differently now that you know a little bit more.
    Over all I think that your blog post was nice and insightful. I agree that there should be more groups out there helping young athletes to understand healthy eating habits. You’re right kids are like sponges and if taught at a young age they may have healthier habits when they are older.The only things I noticed were some grammar flaws here and there and some misspelled words (thru is through). Besides that the only thing I would change is when you are talking about the awesome articles and videos you found from Dr.Oz, I would have enjoyed reading what you learned from those. Rather than just hearing how awesome they were.
    Other than that awesome job. Again really stoked you had a great experience!


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