Music as a Language in the Community: A Tool for Social Growth (by Nick Kohagen)

nickmusicSee Nick’s great post on his own blog here:


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  1. christinacampbell2

    You have a very interesting topic and you do a great job of presenting the argument for music being more than just entertainment, that it is also a tool of communication and culture. Your research provides strong evidence to your letter and the way you use your personal experience volunteering to back up your argument is very persuasive. Your letter is very long and I only worry that the strength of your argument gets lost between the words.

    I have enjoyed following your topic throughout the quarter and think your hard work and research has resulted in a great piece of persuasive writing. I enjoy music and took part of music programs all throughout my schooling but the information you provide has really opened my eyes to just how big of an impact music can have. I really enjoy the part about how music can cross communication boundaries and allows for people to experience different cultures they are not a part of just by listening or participating in their music. Great job!


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