The Powerful and the Powerless play the game in Boston (by Abdi A.)


The Powerful and the Powerless play the game in Boston

      How are the super rich taking over the world, by incubating, creating and developing billionaires’ one person at a time in Boston MA?  “One way in which powerful people seem fortunate is that they seem able to do whatever they want. Powerless people, on the other hand, are subject to limitations and the control of others.” Isn’t that what everybody in the world wants, the ability to do what they love when they want to do it. The focus of this piece is that everybody wants power and it’s all just a game to get it, and people seem to be getting it good in Boston. Poor and disenfranchised people including the rich, middle class are all in a game, that’s played better by the wealthy, if the goal is to make money for the purpose of being politically powerful, the wealthy are winning.  To illustrate the relationships between wealthy, rich and poor people I will give examples about two people playing in the game of life. Whether or not people say so or admit it, they want private jets, Lamboghinis and good food. If that’s not there thing a lot of people would love to spend, 5 billion dollars on helping poor Africans or other causes similar to that.

     Let’s introduce a rich guy who came up in Boston, Mark Zuckerberg born in 1984 in White Plains, New York the Facebook guy. He began writing software in middle school, his father also hired a private tutor for him in programming.  He later started taking graduate computer courses while still in high school. This is how billionaires are created this is how the powerful are made. He wasn’t always wealthy, he was middle class mom was a psychiatrist and his dad was a dentist.  When he was in his Harvard dorm room and in taking courses that he absolutely excelled in, everybody around him knew he was headed towards great things.  You know the rest of the story, earned him billions of dollars, that’s what happens when you around the most academically smart competitive people in the world, great powerful people are created.  So he won the game o.k. now he has “ability to do whatever he wants,” and he has the “ability to control others.”  He can go anywhere he wants he is the powerful. He buys anything he wants, gets laws passed, lobbies politicians to see his agenda, helps cure cancer etc;.

      On the other hand let’s talk about a person who works for minimum wage, would he or she trade places with Zuckerberg?  Of course, would anybody trade there account for his yes. But if you don’t take that path a person will not accomplish what he did. They didn’t program computers their entire life, they didn’t put in 10,000hrs in front of one. If you learn how to program better than anyone else and go to the mecca of intelligence, Boston, attend Harvard and use those surroundings to create a new computer programs, then you will perhaps become one of the elite, there has been one billionaire from Portland, he made shoes. 20 billion dollars will give you power, $20,000 will not, the powerless in politics or poor  thus feel as if they lost the game in that way.

     A middle class person is somewhat powerless also making an average of $50,000 dollars per year gives an individual little political influence on the grand scale. The powerful make 2000 times that to put that in perspective. That creates opportunities to meet with presidents and governors, mayors, senators it allows access to those people.  The middle class have the ability to vote, but they probably work for someone else there being told what to do in a way, they can’t just go on vacation for example. Some people may not look at wealth as a game, or attaining it as a competition yet if you want to attend Harvard, be or any Boston schools, be prepared to pay an average rent of $2000 per month have a 3.9 gpa and out of state tuition, that’s competition, that’s why it is a mecca for the powerful.  The poor and middle class still have fun in life, but when it comes to politics they cannot push their agenda as well as the powerful.

My Research:

1)  In the World’s Most Powerful People article they say that the “FORBES editors, rank the planet’s top 72 power-brokers – one for every 100 million people on Earth, and base it on their scope of influence and their financial resources relative to their peers.” I will focus on these people and how Boston is the mecca for the creation of these people, and the breading ground for billionaires and thus power.  Also it is my belief that they dictate politics as opposed to White House. I will also focus on being more technical in my writing and probably getting it edited by the writing center before turning it in.  What have I learned about my theme? I think I will get better acquainted with what these powerful people are doing, what made them that way, what path they took to get there, why they are leaders of the human race in my opinion.  I am going to focus on the technical presentation of this writing a lot to convey my theme better by using experts to read through it first. But I will bring in a more international look at power, since it is a global issue.  The people with disparities in my topic? The poor and the wealthy, the wealthy seeing 2000 times more wealth than the poor.  I will write to the public and include references from history and statistics on current wealth distribution in America, and in the world, to perhaps predict what is going to happen using history as a sure fire guide.

2)    The article Inside the Worlds Billionaires says, “the ranks of the world’s billionaires continue to scale new heights–and stretch to new corners of the world. Our global wealth team found 1,645 billionaires with an aggregate net worth of $6.4 trillion, up from $5.4 trillion a year ago.” The disparity between poor and wealthy is growing, I want to present a picture of what is happening now, compare it to what has happened in history, to give the public an informative look at what’s going on now with my belief that it is these folks not the actual government that is running things, and the public would do better to look to Forbes as opposed to the presidential debate.

3)   The World’s Most Powerful People 2013

     This article lists the world’s most powerful people, it talks about Vladimir Putin and Obama and gives a, “annual snapshot of the year in politics.” Forbes magazine is a recognized publication in terms of ranking individuals in power and economics. This article will illustrate who controls companies and their political interests, how they leveraged themselves in to that position. And what they have done to get there, who they are affiliated with and where are they leading the masses, like Zuckerberg, what’s his agenda.

Forbes Magazine:

Inside The 2014 Forbes Billionaires List: Facts And Figures

     Why is it interesting to know where the wealth lies? Because we can see political happenings this way, we can see what minds control the fate of civilization, it’s not the White House, this article focuses on who is getting richer this year, I want to interpret who’s making money and what that has to do with where the worlds headed. Forbes says, “thanks to the tech boom, and strong stock market, the U.S. once again leads the world with 492 billionaires, followed by China with 152 and Russia with 111. But wealth is spreading to new places. We found billionaires for the first time in Algeria, Lithuania, Tanzania and Uganda. Also for the first time, an African.” It looks like America is in the lead, maybe Harvard and MIT and Wall Street are cranking out billionaires.


Forbes Magazine:

Controlling Other People The Impact of Power on Stereotyping

     This article is a persuasive piece on how stereotypes and power help each other out, I will partly cover how labeling people in terms of education, race and economics allows some powerful situations to exist, like shipping jobs over to third world countries and paying workers 3 cents an hour. The stereotype being that that’s a livable wage over there. Which allows the system to work. I am not saying it’s good or bad, but it allows the system to work. The author states, “my argument focuses on stereotyping and controlling others, it begins by discussing how stereotypes result from and maintain one person’s control over another.”

Radford University: Susan T. Fiske

The powerful want to, the powerless have to

     This article talks about power in terms of your average person, for example an employee of an organization may feel forced to work over a weekend, while an owner of an organization may want to work over the weekend. To me it is just an obvious situation of monetary motivation, if you’re not getting paid, which is power, you are not motivated, thus you feel powerless in the situation, your decisions include working or quitting, or find anew.The article states, “it is popularly believed that powerful people enjoy a nearly-absolute lack of constraints, and that powerless people suffer under overwhelming constraints.”

Stanford University: Jennifer R. Overback


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