Meet Angel: Volunteer at Emmaus Church

I chose “Families & Family Services” as my theme for this class. I am a very family oriented person, who loves to spend time with my family, and want to build a stronger relationship with those in my community. I think it is very fun, helpful, and rewarding to serve families in my neighborhood and church communities. Having strong families within our communities is important to me because, I believe it gives each person a sense of belonging, and a strong support system that will help them grow, and gain good positive qualities to share with others in life. It also encourages us as a community to know God’s love and how we are to love one another.

The type of service-learning I choose as a part of coursework is “Traditional Face-to-Face volunteering in the Larger Community.” The organization I chose to partner with is “Emmaus Church” located in Portland Oregon ( Emmaus has been serving the N.E. community for over six years now. There I volunteer in the children’s ministry, serving the children and families during Sunday morning service. I and another volunteer will be there to help serve meals, play and interact, as well as provide a safe, fun, learning environment for the children. The age group I’m working with ranges from 0-3 (infants & toddlers). Through this experience I want to continue to learn how to serve and interact with families and children, and get more connected with my church family and community.       

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