Ryan LeBouef

Hello everyone. I will be applying for the drug and alcohol program at PCC next year. I am getting a couple classes I need to apply out of the way and hoping to strengthen my writing as well. My theme this year will be education and youth I think. I will be working with homeless teens and cooking for them so I was a bit confused about if my theme is health and wellness or youth and education or what? My community partner is united way. The program is called Homeplate Meals with Youth. As I have said it focuses mainly on the getting homeless teens a hot meal and a place to go that is safe for a while where they can relax. The link is zapoura.calvert@online.pcc.eduwww.handsonportland.org/HOC__Volunteer_Opportunity_Details_Page?id=a0CA000000W1aiOMAR

1. I want to learn how to give more of myself to the community. I never do anything for my community and think it’s time and I’m hoping this will help with that process and maybe I can keep with it after this class is done.

2. Am I a good mentor? That is a question I will be very interested in seeing about.



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