Renee’s Bio- Volunteering with Transitional Youth!

Hi my name is Renee Brant and my major is marketing! The community theme I have chosen is family services, and I will be doing face to face volunteering with Transitional youth. Transitional Youth is an organization committed to getting homeless youth off the streets. They offer GED classes, job training, hot meals in the park downtown three days a week, resume building, and many other positive resources. I worked as a barista for a few years and my job in volunteering will be to training the youth to work at a coffee shop as well as roast coffee beans. Here is a link to the organization
I chose to volunteer with Transitional Youth because they are in line with my own passion of helping people, seeing their potential and giving them the tools to grow into something they are proud of. It would take someone walking no more than a block downtown to meet a homeless youth, and often times they are overlooked and outright ignored. Most people are missing out on the potential to get to know these kids, hear their stories, learn their fears, and recognize their gifts. This is a forgotten community that needs attention and love just like everyone else. Often times the streets were not their choice, but were seen an escape from an abusive family or having no family at all. I hope to learn about the value of people, I hope to experience youth get a second chance. I hope that I can make a difference in their lives and my biggest fear would be that they see me as someone trying to change them instead of someone trying to relate with them. I am very excited about the opportunity to share and write about this journey.

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