Meet Abdi: Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity


Hello, my name is Abdi Sherif, I am a current student at Portland Community College. Little background on myself, born in Eugene, massage therapy business for the last 5 RN program in the fall. I am 2 legit to quit, it’s my Human Nature, I like to wear my Billie Jeans and helping people is always a Thriller.

I have come to appreciate the work Habitat for Humanity does for the world.  Your motivation has inspired 750,000 people to volunteer for your cause. But what does building a house really do? Well ask yourself, how does living in a new house make you feel, how will it make your family feel.  Why is hard to escape from the ghetto, new homes provide new lives. Have you eaten Ramen soup and have you eaten a steak, which makes you feel like going out and conquering the world. Habitat you make people better and proud to be a part of that.


One comment

  1. It’s clear that you enjoy humor and word play…looking forward to how this translates into your academic writing 🙂

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