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Hey there!

My name is Veronica Fetzer and I am a sociology major on the social services and community action track. I’ve selected resource abundance/scarcity as the theme of my community service and writing for this course. I am going to be involved in traditional face-to-face volunteering in the larger community with a student-led club called En Christo (they don’t have a website), as it directly relates to this theme and allows me to get hands-on experience and build relationships with other people in-person. They make 180 lunches every week and then take them to a Section 8 apartment complex to give to the people who live there and hang out to talk and build relationships with them.

I chose this theme because it is a topic that I have been very interested in and passionate about for a long time. I have a heart to serve the poor and those who need a hand up in various kinds of situations. I hope to build more relationships with people who on the outside may seem very different from me, but actually are probably more similar to me than anything else. I hope to discover again and again how people that are often categorized as totally “other” are really just the same as you and me. It might be slightly uncomfortable at first, but I like to intentionally do things like this to get outside of my comfort zone; life is best lived this way, in my opinion.

Thanks for reading,

This is me in Costa Rica volunteering at a Boy's Home, playing with a little boy named Nathan.

This is me in Costa Rica volunteering at a Boy’s Home, playing with a little boy named Nathan.


About Fetzer Sisters

We are two sisters, Ronnie and Jess, who initially decided to create this blog after hearing about Compassion International’s Blog Month 2013, where their goal is to raise awareness about their child sponsorship program and get 3,160 children around the world sponsored by the end of the month. We have since then branched off to cover other topics underneath the broad theme of active compassion. Thanks for reading, we hope you will join us on our journey!

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