Gary Darling – Learning About the importance of Dog Adoptions

The theme for my community work will be animals.  I am planning on volunteering at Oregon Dog Rescue.  They are located in Tualatin.  I guess this volunteering qualifies as Traditional Face to Face Volunteering in the Larger Community.

I am hoping to learn from others who regularly help with this type of service and better understand the actual needs of dog adoption and to understand about the pasts of some of these animals, though some of the stories may be kind of sad.  I am expecting to learn much more about dogs and the shelter community

My name is Gary Darling.  I am a 58 years young man, father of four young people in their twenties, and professional engineer.   I have a civil engineering business and have been taking classes in writing, business communication, and technology for a couple of years to improve my “soft skills”.

My theme for this class is going to be animals.  It is important to me, because dogs have been an important part of my life and I would like to do more to help them.  I am hoping to volunteer with Oregon Dog Rescue.

Here is the link to Oregon Dog Rescue website:

In my volunteer work, I am hoping to learn more about the needs of shelters and the process of dog adoption and the obstacles for dogs to get adopted.  I am also hoping to become more involved with this issue and also to learn to write and become an advocate for dog adoption.


When not working or telling my children how life was back in the “old days”, I can often be found with a cup of coffee and a good mystery book.  Preferably, a Jack Reacher novel, by Lee Childs, one of my favorite authors.Image


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