Brian Smith – Journal I Part II – Introducation

Name: Brian Smith

Writing Theme: Technology and Digital Rights.

I chose technology with a focus on digital rights because of the most recent media frenzy around the “Datagate” Snowden NSA Leaks. With the infomration at the front of media attention i feel like my focus and writing can go farther. additionally the story is developing and i can write about something new and living vs. a examination of a dead and historical event.

Volunteer Org: Ravenmark Services (

I am volunteering with Ravenmark Services, a Hillsboro UAV start up looking to develop cheap aerial imaging technology for search and rescue operations. I was working with Ravenmark before i started this class as a volunteer and wish to continue. my duties include acting as one of the search and rescue advisers as well as internal/presentation media organizer.

Things to learn from my theme:

The extent and damage of the Snowden leaks, What actions have been taken to prevent future leaks and protect us from the Intel community, What kind of community action has occurred to prevent such an expansion of power again.




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