I’m Allyssa Cruz, part of the Red Cross Volunteer Staff!

Hi, I’m Allyssa!
I thought I might take the time to introduce myself and let everyone in on what I’ve been up to lately.
So, I’m a Biology major. My goal is to explore the vocational field of health post-college. I’m finding that volunteer experience in this field beforehand is going to be a crucial decision-making factor when getting closer to choosing my career, and is also going to be a great way to get involved and help out while I study–especially in a field I’m already passionate about.
For my volunteer experience this term, I will be helping out at American Red Cross blood drive sites in the Portland-Beaverton area. My duties will include either being a receptionist, which entails walking donors through the start-up process in the beginning of their appointment, or focusing on hospitality in the ‘canteen’ area at the end of the donor’s appointment, genuinely thanking donors for their time (and blood), and encouraging them to return as soon as they can! (For medical reasons, at least 56 days from then). While this is my assignment, there are several other opportunities available at the Red Cross for those who want to join the cause to end human suffering wherever it may occur–in fact, most of the Red Cross is piloted by volunteers just like you or me! Along with all kinds of other information about this hard-working organization, you can start your quest to help out at http://www.redcross.org/support/volunteer
During my volunteer experience, I hope to take a closer look at the kinds of things the organization does already to help spread awareness and get people involved, and maybe consider what I (or anyone else) could do on top of that. I also want to know how other people donating and volunteering feel about their roles at the Red Cross and what it means to the community. I usually don’t set too many more specific expectations than that, I feel that being more open to the bigger picture gives others an opportunity to show me something I may not have ever contemplated before. If nothing else, I can certainly say I hope to go home satisfied with my contributions and more educated about the world than I was when I left home.
Oh–and if you were wondering, no, I am not concerned about blood or needles! I suppose that could have been a huge decision-changing factor had I felt otherwise. Not everybody is sensitive to medical situations, but a lot of people are. I think more people open to intense or graphic situations should put their callous nature to a good use and join the cause!
Until next time,


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