Parent Involvement (by Madaline Doherty)


Hi my name is Madaline Doherty. My theme is Early Childhood Education, specifically the Head Start Program. I think that early education is very important for children and there are so many things that benefit’s children from this program. I think parent involvement is very important for their child’s education and for positive development. My research question is: what is the importance of parent’s involvement in Head Start and what can they do to become involved?


Washington Head Start Page.  “WSA Head Start & ECEAP.” WSA Head Start & ECEAP. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2013.  This is a good source because it has all the WA state Head Start news on it. I learned a lot about what they have to offer for parents in the parents section. There is so many things that parents can do to help Head Start be more successful. This is the place to look and see what parents can do to help their children’s and other children’s education. This site is reliable because it is the Head Start website.

Research Bites.  “National Head Start Association.” – Research Bites. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2013.  This site is very helpful to me because of all the information about Head Start. I like how it has bullet points and if you want to know where the statement came from you can click the number that follows the statement to see the citation. There is so much information about the benefits of Head Start. I think this is related because it has things that the Head Start program is doing that is successful and that has to do with parents being involved. A lot of the things that parents are supposed to do falls into Head Start being successful, especially in the health area. It gives parents hope that it can help their children how it helped other children, but parents have to be involved and help.

The official blog of the US Department of Education.  “Empowering Parents in Head Start.” EDgov Blog. N.p., 18 Apr. 2011. Web. 27 Nov. 2013.  I like this site because it is a blog. It has real people posting things about how important parents are to their child’s education. I think hearing things from other parents who have experienced things or going through the same thing it makes what they think more real. Experience is more important when dealing with things to do as a parent because they tried it and they had results whether they were good or bad they still went through the same thing.  I think this site is reliable because it is from real parents with real experiences.

PART 2: The Public Writing

Dear Head Start Parents,

Being involved in our child’s education is very important. I did not realize all the ways that parents could be involved in their child’s education while they are in Head Start. Parents are as important to their child’s education as teachers are.

There are so many ways a parent can help out in the Head Start Program. One way is parents can volunteer in the classroom. Which is something the classrooms definitely need.  When parents volunteer in the classroom it helps the kids stay focused, and actively participating. It also helps the teachers, because you are available to set up activities while the teacher is giving direct instruction. There are only two teachers for roughly 20 3-4 year olds. Children also have better behavior when their parents are present and want to show off new skills that they have learned.

Younger kids have a lower attention span and need to be supervised more closely to stay focused during activities. Children at this age struggle the most during times of direct instruction. Times that the teacher is reading a story, or giving a lesson.  This is an example of when the teacher needs the most help to keep kids focused and in posture. When parents are volunteering they help remind the kids to pay attention. The teachers are able to continue to teach without being stopped.

There is a lot of information on the Washington State Head Start website about things parents can do. There is a newsletter for parents to subscribe to. There is information about how to get your voice out in the community. I now realize all the resources available to provide us, as parents with helpful information on how to be involved with Head Start. I urge you to get involved with your child’s education but volunteering in your local Head Start classroom.



The most significant thing that I learned from doing research writing is how to tell if a source is reliable or not. Also I learned where to find scholarly articles.


The title I chose is “Parent Involvement”. The words to tag are Head Start, Preschool, Parenting, Parent involvement, education, and volunteering.


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  1. I love the way you took this project to heart and researched and wrote on something that is directly impacting you now. Having you, an actual parent, encourage other parents will have a much bigger impact than outsiders doing the same. Did you send this letter or post it somewhere so that you will specifically impact other parents? Are there other ways you’ve thought of to get other parents more aware and involved?

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