Head Start Programs Close Due to Government Shut Down (by Chloe Kilgore)

My research was on why the government has been cutting early childhood education classes such as Head Start even though they help children in the long run.

I used the link below to gather more information on the topic. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/poor-preschoolers-suffer-during-government-shutdown-20131004

I think I will post my writing on a few blogs to get out my concern for the cut of early childhood programs such as head start.

I am writing about my concern for the early childhood education programs that have been closed due to the government shut down. Early childhood education is very important for kids. It allows them to get a start on not only their education but their social skills as well.

Roughly 19,000 children were effected due to the shut down of head start programs. Head start will continue to face budget cuts unless the government can restore its funding. A spokesperson for head start, Sally Aman stated that if this shut down continues, many other programs could become closed as well. Head Start includes 1,600 programs nationwide, all of which receive grants on different schedules.

After imposed budget cuts began in March, head start was forced to cut tens of thousands of spots for children. Head start isn’t only about getting children education, it provides meals, transportation and health and dental screenings. Data shows that upon completing head start, more children had health insurance, immunizations and medical and dental care than at the start of the year. Children who complete the program improve in their writing, early reading and applied problem-solving skills, their social and behavioral skills, and demonstrate a more positive approach to learning than they did upon entry. Ten percent of the yearly enrolment for head start is reserved for children with disabilities.

Without these programs children may not be able to get an early education. Also many of them are not able to have the health and dental screenings because of lack of money and insurance. Please help me get the word out and stop government officials from cutting head starts budgets forcing them to close down.

My most significant learning was that I found out the government had issued budget cuts to these programs and it has caused them to close down. I fins it very sad that these important programs are being cut even though they are helpful to children in need.



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  1. Chloe,

    I find this a very important issue as well. I have a six year old daughter and if something happened with her education I would be very upset. In one of my prior jobs I sold food to one of the Head Start programs out in Hillsboro. It seemed like it was a very rewarding job, the fact that this particular kitchen made meals for other Head Start programs in the area. I never knew how the government shut down affected these programs so bad. It would be nice to hear what has been down to compensate for these shut downs. It has been a few months now since the government shut down, has anything been fixed or done about this issue? Did you use any other sources besides the Rolling Stone magazine? Thank you for the article, I found it very insightful and I would like to hear more regarding this issue.

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