Pitbull Advocacy (by Emily James)

Are pitbulls aggressive?

The answer to that is no. Here is a study that was done on the most aggressive dogs. The reason that big dogs get the bad wrap is because if a big dog were to bite a human most likely they would need stitches, however the small dogs cannot usually cause as much damage and it is just swept under the rug because they are little. This article about a study at University of Pennsylvania says that the number one most aggressive dog is the wiener dog(Dachshund), followed by the Chihuahua and Jack Russell.

The ASPCA(http://www.aspca.org/) has a few article that you can read about the pit bull, they talk about how they were tested and how they rated next to other dogs for aggression. They also talk about a search and rescue team on pit bulls that have saved many lives. There are trained police pit bull dogs, fire fighter dogs and even pit bulls that have protected our soldiers on the front line. I would strongly suggest thinking twice before judging such a loving breed.1469916_180828258783176_1151745041_n

Spay and neuter your pets to ensure that they do not have any built up frustration that might lead them to being short with another dog or a human. Pit bulls are very simple really. Give them the proper training and care and they will be a good dog, they are smart and eager to learn. They want to obey their owner. My pit bull thrived on the training classes we went through. She was actually excited to go in and learn sit, stay, down, ect. She was one of the best dogs in the class. Along with all of this make sure your pet gets enough exercise. If they are not getting the exercise that they need they have all this pent up energy that need to go somewhere and this can cause any dog to be destructive.



  1. Mark Hedgepeth

    Hi Emily,
    I am in total agreement with you about the Dachshund being one of the most aggressive dogs. And I agree that when a dachshund bites you, it usually doesn’t require much attention because they are so small. Whereas, if a pit bull happens to bite you, it will leave more damage. With that being said, my Dachshund bite me and sent me to the hospital for three days, it became a soft tissue infection. I was surprised at the emergency room nurses and doctors, when I told them that it was my dachshund that bite me. They hardly blinked an eye. Yet, when we hear of Pit bulls biting a human, it goes onto the evening news! I’m glad that you are advocating for the Pit Bull and informing the public on the real facts regarding aggressive dogs.

    You did a good job on your research collection. Nice articles. Good tips on how to help keep a dog from being aggressive or frustrated. I was wondering if you started a blog or wrote a letter to someone? I would be interested in reading your blog or letter.

  2. Emily: Thanks for sharing your work on this . It is clear that you are both passionate AND well informed on this topic, and this adds to your persuasiveness. Continue to work on covering all assignment elements in your work so that the learning for you and the reader is complete in the work!

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