Meet Madaline D: Volunteer at Head Start

lotus-flowerMy name is Madaline D. I am going to school to get my A.A. in paralegal right now and after I would like to go to get my B.S. in business. I have chosen the education theme and mainly about early education. This is important to me because our whole life is based off of what we have learned during our lives.

I chose early education because I have a child that is 4, and he is just starting preschool at a place I was told that would not be good for him. I want to let people know that any education at a young age is important. My Community Partner is Head Start, specifically my son’s classroom. Head Start is a preschool center for low-income families, they do full day and half day preschool the year or two before they start kindergarden. I will be volunteering there and making sure the kids are following directions, I will help set the table for meals and clean up afterwards, I will also help keep an eye on the children during free time. The link to my community partner is here. :


The photograph I chose is my favorite flower the Lotus.


Three things I would like to learn:

  • Why people refer to Head Start as a place for delayed children or ones with behavioral issues. I would also like to?
  • How children learn best at the preschool age?
  • What is important to go over as a parent to keep my child interested in learning?

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