Meet Karina;PMTC volunteer

Hey y’all, My name is Karina.. but some people call me ‘Kabeena’ lol. I’m a new, first time mother to my beautiful little ‘cupcake’ Madison,(hence the theme) and I’m perusing a bachelors in Criminal Justice at P.C.C. I stay very busy!! Currently I’m working on a family,health and wellness writing project(s). Majority of my writings/postings will be centered on these general themes, with the occasional ‘just for fun’ post; Focusing my structured writings on my volunteer experience with a treatment center here in Portland, OR; Portland Metro T.C. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as a young mother, student, girlfriend, and ‘recovering(erd) addict.

I truly admire the work of the clinic and of the young adults that attend; both parties working together to make the best of each and every one of us. I’m hoping through my volunteer work, to enhance the quality of ‘our’ recovery’s by working together on art, education, and personal/group therapeutic activities. This should be an enriching experience that I’ll keep up to date on the progress of.


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