Meet Mark Hedgepeth: Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity & Oregon Food Bank

Hi, my name is Mark H. I am a student at PCC, working towards a minor in general studies. I do not know at this present time what my major will be.
My theme for this writing term is families and family services. It is very important to me because I was a single dad for many years, and had struggled to just provide the basic needs for my family. What I mean about basic needs is: shelter, food and heat. Those things by many people are taken for granted, but when you live off minimum wage you have to make sacrifices, such as: do I pay the rent this month or put food on the table or pay the electric bill for heat. So, I chose my community partner to be Habitat for Humanity and the Oregon Food Bank. The links to the organization’s website are: and
My learning question regarding my theme would be if we are one of the richest countries in the world then why can’t we provide the basic needs for our low income, homeless and elderly? Why should we bomb one country, spend our resources to rebuild their country when our own homeland has so much suffering?


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