Meet Anna Verdun: Volunteer in Sherwood School District

Hello everyone my name is Anna Verdun and my major is RN

the theme I have chosen is education, this is a area of interest to me because education plays a big part of my life and my children’s life. As a parent volunteering in a school and giving to the community is a great opportunity to not only have with my children but also to learn more about the educational system and how our children are learning today for example what do they need for graduation, the standards, testing and expectations.

I will be volunteering my time in a fourth grade classroom, and I hope to be helping with small group instruction in the class primarily reading groups.

The website is

The tree questions or things I would like to learn and have answered about the community and education are as follows:

1. What does the school have to offer to children who may be struggling in a certain area of education?

2. What are the testing guidelines and scores if the district as a whole and for the school I am volunteering in?

3. What tools/observations do teachers use when taking into consideration placements of students in small groups for learning?



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