Meet Anthony Ellison: To Be Announced, Family in Nursing Homes.

Hi everyone,

I’m Anthony Ellison, and I am still exploring options for volunteer work.  I hope to be able to volunteer at the nursing home a block up the street from my house: Cedar Sinai Park.  I spent much of my summer working on becoming a certified nursing assistant in the state of Minnesota.  Through my work there I met many interesting individuals in the nursing homes there, many of whom just wanted someone to talk to.  I’m hoping to continue in a volunteer capacity instead, as it fits what I want to do more than being a nursing assistant.  I’m hoping to be able to provide some company to small groups, something like playing cards with them so they have a chance to chat.  Ultimately I feel it is very important that these (often) lonely people have a chance to interact with someone outside of the nursing home, and while I would rather they have a chance to interact with their families, it’s not always possible.


Attached is a picture of myself in the scrubs I wore while working in a nursing home setting this summer.

-Anthony EllisonAnthony in Scrubs


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