Meet Wendy Jordan: Volunteer with House of Dreams cat shelter

My name is Wendy Jordan and I am majoring in either dietetics or pathology. I have chosen animals as my writing theme this term. I am a certified veterinary technician and have worked with animals in many capacities for the last eight years.

I am hoping to volunteer for House of Dreams. House of Dreams is a fabulous organization. The all-cat shelter provides homes for cats who would otherwise be homeless or euthanized. The shelter is comprised of a single family home that was converted into the shelter back in 2009, and is operated solely by volunteers. I had fostered cats in my home from 2007-2012 so I understand the hard work, time, energy, and money that goes into this type of operation. House of Dreams actually accepted one of my foster cats into their program when I was unable to re-home him, back in 2011. Now it’s my turn to give back.

In my time volunteering with House of Dreams, I hope to provide invaluable service to the cats who live there, and the Portland community that this shelter directly impacts. I will provide the every-day care these cats need, from feeding and medicating to grooming and socialization.

One of the things that makes House of Dreams so valuable in the community is that they foster leukemia-positive cats. These cats would otherwise be euthanized in most cases, as the leukemia (FELV) virus is transmissible to other cats with little contact. For this reason, they are often viewed as posing a threat to non-positive cats in the community. House of Dreams has dedicated half of its shelter to these cats. The house is literally split down the middle, with FELV positive cats on one side and non-positive cats on the other. Great care is taken to insure there is no cross-contamination. I would like to learn exactly what measures are taken in ensuring this.


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