Meet David Anderson

Hi, my name is David Anderson. I have chosen to write about family homelessness. I have volunteered before with homeless families and I feel a strong connection to the subject, especially in the areas of advocacy. I am going to volunteer at My Father House helping homeless families find jobs in there computer room at the shelter. My Fathers House is a non-profit that houses Homeless Families (anyone with a child is considered a  family) and lets them stay until they find housing and a way to support themselves. There website is , if you ever want to get involved,  they always need volunteers!  I believe the reason why I feel so strongly about the subject is because I found out how bad the problem is, and how many homeless families ( not in a shelter) there are in Portland. I also have two children and couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to not be able to provide shelter for my family. Since I feel so strongly about it I thought it would be a great subject for me to focus on and write about.

My three questions I am hoping to answer this term:

1. how do I effectively advocate for the Homeless?

2. What are the major causes for them to loose their home?

3. How does it effect the children and the whole family unit being homeless?

2013-06-15 15.23.53


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