Meet Cory Asher: Volunteer at TBA

fall (2) My name is Cory Asher and my major is education with a minor in physical education. The theme I’ve decided on is education. I’ve chosen education because I’m pursuing a career in teaching and would like some extra insight. Aside from the fact that I have a desire to teach I also chose this theme because I am a firm believer in education and the life lessons it teaches you along the way. My community partner will be Portland Community College. PCC is forming a K-12 education google group that is searching for volunteers and I am to be one of them. I have just recently started this process so I am unsure of what their website address would be. I hope to be exposed to helping various kinds of students as well as gaining insight into my own strengths and weaknesses.

1.) How do I become a more active educational volunteer within my own community?

2.) Are there workshops to become the best volunteer you can possibly be?

3.) What other educational volunteer opportunities are available besides tutoring?


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