Hillary Murphy Bio.

1381723_10202020763710288_773875451_n Just had to share this photo, me with my nephew who was born 24 hours ago. ❤

Hello (:  My name is Hillary Murphy and I am working on completing my associate of science transfer and then I am planning to transfer to Portland State University to complete a bachelors in Psychology. The theme that I’ve chosen is animals: specifically pit bulls. I feel that it is important to advocate for them and to raise awareness about the abuse and stereotyping that many of them face. This theme is important to me because my aunt adopts and rehabilitates abused pit bulls so I have seen what too many of them go through and the process that is taken to make them trust people again. I am going to do virtual volunteer work by creating a blog, though I don’t have the site picked out yet.


1. How/when did the stereotype about pit bulls originate?

2. What is being done to help abused pit bulls and to eliminate this stigma?

3. What hardships does the breed regularly face as a result of this stereotyping?


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