Meet Alberto

Hello, I’m Alberto, and I’m studying to become a nurse.

My community involvement is through my personal experiences as a volunteer at Our House, a medical residential home in Southeast Portland for people living with HIV/AIDS. Please note that I’m focusing on my experience, and will not be discussing the residents of Our House, as a matter of respect (as well as complying with HIPAA).

Thematically, I’m interested in health/wellness—not only physical wellbeing, but emotional/spiritual wellbeing. Our House’s mission is about “living well,” and I think that’s a great core value.

I want to learn about not only the physical aspects of caring for people with a major chronic disease, but how it affects one to do that work. One of the reasons I’m volunteering—beyond it being a good thing to help out—is to make sure that it’s something I can do. I am also looking to explore what it means to live well, and how our relationship with our community plays into it. I think Our House’s philosophy can be instructive, so I’m looking forward to learning.



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