Introducing Me: Bio, Community theme, and a little more..


Hello all, you may or may not recognize me from our discussion boards, but I’m Ebony and I am currently studying to become a photo-journalist.

Just to start off here is a little about me:

I am a transfer student from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Although I loved the campus and much of the courses there, I moved back home because of financial troubles; however, not letting the cliché of being a broke college student get me down I decided to continue to pursue school as well as attempt to hold down a job. I am very much an animal person, and I believe in equal rights and fair treatment for all living creatures. I come from a biracial home, where family members come from all walks of life yet share similar core values on race, (most) democratic beliefs, and the success rate of minorities in our country.

Most of you know, either from our collaborative discussion boards, that my theme for this course has to deal with the coloration between education within the family and racism in society. I’ve found that most families of ethnic backgrounds, either with or without a formal education, tend to pass both negative and positive experiences to their children. During this term I plan to volunteer with the Portland Rose Festival, which most of you may know, and I will work side by side with a group of young women of various ethnicities and mentor them through the last year of high school in hopes to prepare them for college.

I am excited to learn more from this class and all of you, and at the end I hope to successfully pass as well:)


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