Olivia’s Intro

My name is Olivia Tappen and I plan on transferring to PSU as a Communications major.

I chose education as my theme because I find it so tremendously important. Knowledge truly is power and I think it would be beneficial to everyone to have adequate knowledge to be able to make informed decisions that could potentially affect all people. When I watch the news and see all of the issues that divide this country, many of them, in my opinion, would not even have the opportunity to become issues if certain people (or groups of people) had access to all the facts. I think this is particularly a concern when religious belief replaces logic.

I would like to volunteer at the Boise Discovery Center, a kids science museum. I think it would be wonderful to see the curiosity of children in action during their most formative years. I also look forward to paying attention to the way that each individual absorbs the information.

link: http://www.scidaho.org/index.php

0124Ecola_3_Ocean102012I hope to answer the question, “What is the most effective way to communicate to someone a concept or idea that may be hard for them to grasp?”




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