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My name is Amanda Snapp.  I have 3 children.  One, my son just turned 18 on the 13th of June, my second child, my daughter turned 13 on the 22nd, and I have a daughter whom will be 10 next March.  We all have a pretty busy but enjoyable life.  We just recently moved from Vancouver Washington to Gaston Oregon.  We live out in the country and love it.  I am happily married to my husband Brandon and we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on New Year’s Eve.

This is my 3rd quarter here at PCC and I have taken a lot of my classes on line through Desire2Learn.  I really do like it and enjoy it at this point in my academic progress.  I think that it is very easy to follow and understand how to navigate through the website.  They have done some upgrades before this summer term started and I do have to say that I am going to have to get used to it from the old way.  I am sure that everything will work out and go great for me this term also.  I am attending school for my teaching degree and will be transferring from PCC in a little over a year to finish up my degree at a university.  I really haven’t decided what University that I will be attending just yet though.  I really take my schooling very important and have high goals set for me.  My family is very supportive of these goals and help me out as much as they can to make it easier on me.

I love the outdoors and am ready for the summer to begin.  Hopefully that will be very soon.  I really want the sun to start shinning so I can get out there and enjoy it with my friends and family.  My friends and family are very important to me and Iove to spend as much time with them as possible.  I also love music of all kinds pretty much.  I come from a family of a music background.  I love sports (pretty much all sports), and yes I love to watch football with my husband.  We don’t miss a game during football season.  I like to do craft projects and will try new crafts if they appeal to me.  I now have a great garden now that we are out in the country and have room for it.  My family and I use the garden to do engage in family time since we all enjoy it so much.  I think the kids eat more of the food out there then they bring in though.  Kids will be kids.

The theme that I have chosen to write about this term is the elderly in my community.  I have chosen this because I have always enjoyed being around the elderly.  I love to make a difference in other peoples lives.  They too also make a difference in my life at the same time.

I am doing my service learning project through the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses.  The congregation that I am going through is in Forest Grove, Oregon.  The link to their website is  I think the 3 things that I really want to get out of this project are 1). How much I really can make a difference in their lives.  2).  How much they will make a difference in my life by me helping and being around them.  3). What different kinds of help do they need in my area and how much is needed in my area.

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