**My bio**

My name is Andrea Gillam and my major is an Associate of Applied Science to become an Ultrasound Technician. I chose to go with Health and Wellness because I like to help other people and find good satisfaction in it. It is also important to me because I have family members with illness’ and I would like to be behind the scene to see how hospitals and doctors offices’ work. I also chose this theme because I hope to become a CAN soon and work my way to an ultrasound technician and it would help me get to know my way around a hospital. The partners I am looking into are Shriners hospital for Children (www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org/) which specializes in treatment with orthopedics, severe burns, spinal cord injury and more. I hope to get into because I would like to work at a children’s hospital as a CNA. The other partner I am looking into is Providence Milwaukie Hospital (www.providence.org) they have all the departments that most hospitals do (birthing unit, emergency, O.R. rooms, etc.) however, they also have a programs called ‘Providence Behavioral Health Service’ which offers a number of services for addicts to help them recover, which would be hands on for my theme, although when I talked to the volunteer manager, she was not sure if they’re allowed to have volunteers in that unit so I   would be happy to work in the emergency department. The question’s I have for my community work (assuming I get accepted at Shriners) would be: How does the hospital operate? What day to day interactions do the children have with doctors, nurses or physical therapy? What paper work goes into checking in the children and how to do it? If I am able to volunteer in the behavioral health services my questions would be: How many patients on average do they see per week? What is the average stay for patients and the average recovery rate? What treatment is the most successful?

The picture I chose is of my family on my daughters 1st birthday.



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