Jacob Seela Bio

Jacob Seela
Fish and Wildlife Management BA

For this term the topic I would like to focus on is animals. As I am a fish and wildlife managing major I figured it would go together very well with my interests. For the volunteering portion I have been actually talking with the local Fish and Wildlife regional office as they organize many volunteer activities and it would go with my topic perfectly. So it is more of a face to face volunteer idea as I would physically be going to volunteer at a location in the field or in the regional office. I am currently on a list as a volunteer but the schedule for events is uncertain yet. However they did tell me that they will be having several events coming up that will allow me to participate.
I am hoping to learn more about the organization and structure of the State fish and game as this eventually would be a organization where I plan to have my career. I would like to learn more about how the state fish and game works in identifying how they come up with quotas and how many special permits they issue each year. I would also like to learn more about the things they do to keep fish and wildlife flourishing (Fish farms, bird farms, animal reserves, etc.)


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