Education for the modern world

Good morning. My name is Bridget Daly. I am a Sophomore from Pacific University majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry, and attempting a minor in Biology. I hope become a pharmacist.

My focus for this class is education.  For the last 13 years I attended a public school.  Although I enjoyed it, I do not believe that our current education system is working to the benefit of everyone that it can.  People are falling through the cracks, and not learning everything they need to for success.

For the summer, I will volunteer at the B Street Farm, operated by Pacific University. This farm grows natural wholesome food for anyone in  need of it.  All of the food is produced by volunteers and given to the local food shelter.  One of B Street’s other major goal is to educate people, particularly children, on how food is produced. I look forward to completing any task that they ask of me.

Unfortunately, I do have a picture of myself farming since I am the sudder-bug  of the family, and it is really difficult to get pictures of yourself.  Instead I attached a photo of myself riding, in hopes that everyone will recognize that it requires farming experience to maintain a horse at home._DSC0149

My hopes for this experience is to learn how children are being taught farming, self reliance and nutrition.  I am a bit worried that I will not end up being useful, since a lot of people volunteer at the B Street farm.

I hope that this covers everything.

Bridget Daly


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