My Summer in WR 122

My name is David Stevens. I am a registered nurse working toward my bachelors of science in nursing.

I will be focusing on the environment this term. I have been concerned about this issue for most of my life, and being a father has only served to re-emphasize the importance of preserving our life-supporting planet.

This summer I will volunteer at my daughters’ day camp, the Outdoor Learning Garden Summer Institute at Atkinson Elementary. Here the kids are given opportunities and exposure to organic gardening, natural world exploration/education, and resource conservation, among many other things. I will be spending time there supporting the facilitators in whatever way they need.

The gentleman in the attached photo is John Jeavons, a master of small scale and backyard agriculture. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few of his workshops and employ several of his techniques in my own gardening. He has devoted his life to sustainable food production and is a living hero.

I have several hopes for my volunteering and my topic exploration. Most importantly, I hope NOT to be overwhelmed as I re-examine the status of the global environment. Historically, this problem has had the ability to force me into a fetal position, which is not a terribly effective place to come from. Working at the girls’ camp will, I hope, give me positive ways to educate kids while simultaneously empowering them to take action. At the same time, I hope to learn more ways that I can REALISTICALLY take action in my own life.



About allydavidstevens

Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Uncle. Nurse. Aspiring Kung Fu Fighter.

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  1. Way to go! Thanks for posting and talking a bit about your community and writing work for the term! I’m glad that you found your way into WordPress and would love to hear any feedback about how to make the process easier if possible!

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