The American Dream’s Hidden Insecurities (by Guest Blogger AJ Kaplan)

Introduction to AJ’s Social Media Project

Hey everyone! I completed my research on food insecurities through volunteer work at the Atlanta Community Food Bank plus researching my topic online. This experience leads to a greater understanding and compassion of the needs of Americans throughout the country who do not know where their next meal is coming from. Though my volunteer work was specific to the Atlanta Georgia area, the reality is food scarcity and the opportunity through volunteer work can be addressed in a similar manner for the hunger within the entire United States.

The Research Question and Collection

Research Question: Is it possible to transfer the action of volunteer work in Atlanta that addresses food insecurities to a National model?

Source 1:

“Atlanta Community Food Bank.” Facts & Stats. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.

<;.  The article talks about the association of Food Banks throughout the United States. For which Atlanta is one of 200 Food Banks.  This association provides access to contact information of several hundred locations to model my Atlanta experience. By using todays social networking and creating a working project, I can spread my experience and contacts to inform others about food insecurities.

Source 2:

Hunger and Food Insecurity. Diet and Nutrition Sourcebook. Ed. Laura Larsen. 4th ed. Health

Reference Series Detroit: Omnigraphics, 2011. p295-302. Word Count: 2225.  Laura Larsen’s sourcebook is a good example and resource for my project. Her insight into diet and nutrition regarding hunger and food insecurity, details the growing needs of millions of Americans. It is important to be educated on this growing problem in this wealthy country we call home, America. Using her information on my topics of interest I can utilize her teaching and understanding to further educate my social network.

Source 3:

Hooks, Angela. “Food Insecurity in the United States – The Borgen Project.” The Borgen Project RSS2. The Borgen Project, 20 Mar. 2013. Web. 28 May 2013.  This article reiterates my discussion of the seriousness of food insecurities. Angela writes about. How food scarcity follows one of many current issues of what the United States government faces. Angela continues along with some brief statistics acknowledging that 90% of Americans have actual donated either money or food but way more quantity is needed.

The Public Writing

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Peer Questions:

 Q1: Do you think this can be a valid topic for social media to get solicit others to volunteer?

Q2: Is Food Insecurity an important issue in society or should we as a Nation focus on other pressing issues?

Q3: Even though hopefully my classmates will respond, do you think using social media as my outlet will translate into generating more interest?



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